Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's Not like its Hiroshima, or even Nagasocki!!!

First off I have had two of the Preventative infusions,since taking about a month off. I don't have the normal chemo anymore.So now I am only there for about 1 and a half hours as compared to about 4 and a half before.Now I don't have enough time to watch all my court TV shows. As far as the side effects go, I don't really have anything major except I got really sleepy during the session. I felt some fatigue as well when I was at work but,still managed pretty well.

Warning this entry might be offensive to some or even to most or all. If you continue to read you are advised that you are reading at your own risk.

Most of the time I do not have a clue what I will write about until I actually sit down and write. The other day while we were in the car I announced "It's not like its Hiroshima!" and Sally thought it would be a good title for a blog. In order to use it as a title I need to explain why my comment was warranted. Do I dare explain is the other question I am pondering at this very moment. For I know if I elaborate, this posting will take a turn, a turn that might make a few never want to read by blog again. But then again, do I even have a few readers? I am a guy and I really don't see the up coming subject matter to be offensive. For the average person does this about 14 times a day( yes,I actually looked this up for this blog).So don't ever think you won't learn anything be reading my blog. You may want to wash your hands after reading this blog. Here it goes.

So the other day, I was in the car with the family. All of a sudden I heard an "ewww", followed by "grossssss"and then topped off with "Daaaaaad!". I am thinking so what's the big deal I farted. It's not that bad and that is when I replied "It's not like it's Hiroshima".

So I decided to be brave and dedicated this blog to farts. With a little, OK a lot of encouragement from my wife. Maybe if more people talk about it, it wouldn't be so embarrassing when it happens. Just like in America burping is impolite and frowned upon but in other countries it's an compliment. Maybe I can start a new trend.

I never understand why people over react when I pass gas. I don't mind the smell of mine. I guess they don't mind me either because when I try to walk away the smell always follows me. I once had an incident at work where I leaked one out( I mentioned this in an earlier blog). Everyone blamed the other person while I remained hidden and laughed at the commotion I had caused. Then there was the time when Sally (who was pregnant at the time) vomited in the hallway after an encounter with my ghostly fumes. I felt really bad at the time but, did get over it quickly. Why dwell on it?

I thought about it for awhile and realized each person in my family has their own way of releasing themselves. I will start with my mom. I can because she doesn't read this blog that often and if anyone in my family tells on me they are subjected to me writing a dirty secret about them on a future blog. So my mom.... Here is the best way to describe hers. Take your hands and slap them together like a quick clap.Not to be confused with the clapper they sell on TV. She does this all with no special gadgets involved. That is exactly what she sounds likes it.

I can always tell with Sally because hers is always followed by a giggle. Unless we are out in public then the giggling is replaced by a red face and a quick pace..

Then there is Michael. Not sure if you really want to know about Michael. Michael laughs when he hears the word "fart". All you have to say is "fart" and Michael will laugh. Yep, at almost 20 years old he will laugh at the word "fart". Michael has no shame when it comes to this subject matter. You can hear him from another room in the house. If for chance he has the urge and you are in the same room with him, you will see him lifting up a leg before hearing a "rumble". Usually in the direction of Zachary's face. Followed by Michael I'm going to get you. Usually Zachary does what the do on to others as they have done to you,and he does with pride.

Now there is Zachary. Zachary has mastered this skill. He takes after his dear old dad and I am proud of him. He is silent and someone else is usually blamed for his. Or sometimes he is blamed for mine. Ir's kinda like a game with us. I usually win.

Katy is more like her mother. She laughs and announces "I farted". She takes pride and ownership with what she has accomplished.God Bless her.

In case you are wondering I have not ran out of material to write. I was thinking about how I could make the title my wife chose fitting for the blog. So if you were offended or disgusted blame Sally.

I have a question that maybe some of you would like to put your two sense in on. Why when Sally yells at Kaity, Kaity says " Mommy is mad at me ""sob sob". When I yell at her,for usually the same reason its," Daddy is mean""!@#%$^?**&^%$#." I don't get this and probably never will.

Thanks for visiting and God Bless you all


  1. It's because I rarely yell. You always yell so they are use to it :)

  2. well now i have heard it ALL!!!!!=)) i think if we were to look back on your blogs we would probably find that you have discussed just about everything that occurs in a household..=)) and bless your family for letting their life be published..hey if nothing else i will admit that you are surely very entertaining and this is precisely why i use to look forward to your posts...sadly it seems as if it has been FOREVER and i had even stopped checking...
    good to have you back and hoping that each day brings you closer to feeling 100% again! you have never ceased to amaze me with your strength and determination!
    hope to hear from you again soon!!
    blessings to the whole farting family..=))

  3. omg too funny! i'm in tears because i'm laughing so much. unfortunately i've witnessed it all (with the exception of your mom). thanks for the good read! :)