Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Tale Between Two Families

This summer we went to two family reunions. As I sat at the latter one I pondered the similarities and differences between the two families. I will never say which family is better. That is just down right mean. I will share my observations so you as a reader can make in informed decision on which one you think is better.

The first one we attended was for my mother's side at my brother Mike and his family's house. He and his wife have been gracious enough on many summers to host the family reunion. So the setting is in their air conditioned house with a huge display of delicious food set up in a bug free home (for the most part). The outside has a little lake for those who want to go fishing or turtle hunting, a pool, a swing set, bag game or as they call it corn hole. There is also clean bathrooms and a pool table and air hockey game in the basement. Along with nice comfy couches and a large TV. Not that it really matters because we are outside for the most part. Mainly in the pool.

Sally's family reunion is on her mom's side. It is a yearly thing. Done on her grandmother's birthday no matter what the day falls on. It is held at a park. It's under a pavilion.It always begins at 3pm but we never get their until after 5ish. Usually the kids are in school at that time so we make sure their homework is done first. There is a huge set up with what appears to be delicious looking food. We don't eat because it's usually hot out and the food has been sitting out for awhile when we get there. Plus Sally does not eat outdoors because of the bugs and there is often times we see flies on the food. There is lake for fishing but you have to pay for fishing. We have to pay to get into the park as well. At least it is only 5 minutes away from home as for my brother it's a 45 minute drive. At the park there are 2 play areas which is away from the food. One of us has to go and watch the kids (it's usually me).

I will admit I don't spend a lot of time with Sally at my family reunion. I am busy playing corn holes, talking among relatives, sneaking food when Sally isn't looking and trying to avoid the look.When she turns and is talking to someone, I will cleverly make two plates. One is healthy food the other is sweets. I will put the plate of sweets by someone,so she will think its their's.The perfect plan, it works every time. Hey,what a minute, never mind. I was just kidding. Every time I do see Sally she is always talking to someone so I am not worried about her feeling uncomfortable. My family is very out going and easy to talk with.

Sally's family reunion always involves her Aunt Barbara and her children and grandchildren. I think she said her aunt had 10 kids. There might be a cousin or two from the other families thrown in there somewhere. When Sally's sisters go they usually sit and talk among themselves. This year the sisters were not there. Which made it for no one except for me for Sally to talk with. At least that is what I thought. I wondered off with Zach for a bit to look for turtles and Sally was at the play area with Kaity. When I went to the play area Sally was a little peeved at me because she couldn't mingle with her cousins because she was watching Kaity. So I stayed and she walked back to the pavilion. I was bored and I went to spy on her. I saw her in the pavilion. Sitting at a picnic table and talking with NO one. Yes you heard me nobody. The pavilion was filled with her cousins but she was talking with NO one. Just sitting at a picnic table all by herself,talking to no one! She got irritated with me because she wanted to sit alone and talk to NO one???? As for my family reunion we are there for several hours but for Sally's we stayed there maybe 2 hours.

Like said I would never judge the two families. Just stating the facts.
Thank you for reading and God Bless.

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  1. The family reunion used to be really fun when they had it at Wicker Park. After they moved it, it just seems to kind of go downhill. But maybe that's because I was young enough to enjoy it while it was at Wicker Park, I don't know.