Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pierogi Fest veruses Corn Roast

This summer we were not able to take a family vacation. Not that we have ever taken a family vacation but it sounded better saying it that way. We tried taking the kids to different things this summers. Places they haven't been before. Somethings I haven't done before either.

One place we took them was to the Pierogi Fest. To be honest I was looking forward to the food but not the fest itself even though I have never went before. On the way there we kept seeing signs for PR Fest. I was thinking Public Relations? I thought it was a little weird to have that type of fair especially in East Chicago Indiana, but stranger things have happened. I drove on pass the signs listening to my new "Kings of Leon" CD when I noticed a car with a Puerto Rican flag hanging from it. I told Sally whats with all the cars with these flags on them. Just then Sally started to laugh .Whats the problem,ooooooooooooooo never mind.I guess I was just thinking about all the Pierogi's I was going to devour and all the buttery goodness that will drip on my freshly pressed shirt. I later thought about going to Wal-mart on my way home and get a huge American Flag for my car. Then we can up to a 4 way stop lights and saw a line of cars with Puerto Rican flags hanging from them and thought otherwise.I might be a little slow but eventually I do catch on to things or Sally helps me to catch up to speed. I know the Sally helping me part is scary too.

We finally made it to Whiting to the Pierogi Fest. Of course my dear wife had to start making Polish remarks about me. Even though I am not Polish. Slovak is nothing near being Polish ,I told Sally . We finally get there and the food lines were really long. A guy could starve waiting in these lines. There was lots of vendors though. We finally got our delicious food( fried mac and cheese) and pierogis. Wait I only had one pierogi and the one I had was good. Katy took over the pierogies and ate them all. It was hot and the kids were miserable. I was kind of glad because walking around and looking at food booths was kind of boring and I figured we would eat and leave. It would be different if each booth gave out free samples then I would be at my glory but seeing almost every booth selling pierogies is ludicris to me. As we continued walking there was a sign for a craft sale. Yikes! There was no way to hide the sign from Sally. So we ended up walking around there. The kids were miserable and complaining so she didn't look very long and bribed them and me too with desert if we behaved. So on the way out there was a booth for chocolate covered fruit on a stick. I love frozen bananas dipped in chocolate so that was an easy choice for me. Katy wanted strawberries. She took one bite of her then a bite of mine and then the next think I know she took over the entire banana. Oh she did manage to save a forth of it for me, without the chocolate of course. Which by that time was squishy and slimy.

I went to school at Bishop Noll and spent time in East Chicago because of family and friends. On the way I decided to drive past some of the areas I would hang out. Sally was annoyed when she finally after a half hour of my driving we weren't close to being home. That is what she gets for snoozing in the car.

I have never been to a corn roast before. Sally said she had went to a few when she was younger. I was looking forward to it. Especially when I found out the ticket price included unlimited corn. I love corn on the cob and so does my little ones. It was a corn lover's dream come true. The corn was really sweet. I have to have butter and salt on my corn but this time there was no reason for the butter. It also came with 2 hots dogs or sausages but I really wouldn't have cared if I didn't get one. My family and I sat on bleachers eating our corn and watching everyone else at the picnic tables eating theirs with bits and pieces of corn on there faces.There was corn pieces flying everywhere and that was just where we sat. There was this older couple sitting behind us. It was a great experience. If I never go back to the Pierogi Fest I will live. However, I must go back to the Corn Roast every year until I die or until I lose all my teeth.

I took over a month off from infusion treatment. I started back today. I will only be getting Avastin and no more pump. From what I read it can still make me tired but It won't cause the other side effects( I still have the tingling in my hands and my feet are very sensitive). Not sure how long the infusions will be. I am hoping it will only be for a couple of hours. I will blog again sooner then this time. Lots of stories to tell.
Take care and God Bless you all!

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