Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quick Family Update (medical)

Bill wanted me to give a brief update about today's events. As some may know, Kaity has been having leg pains which have traveled to her feet and arms. I took her into the doctor a couple of weeks ago and X-rays and blood work was ordered. This morning both Kaity and Zachary had a doctor's appointment. In Kaity's X-rays it showed some indication of lead. We do live in an older house with a flaky kitchen ceiling , which could contribute to it. It doesn't mean she has lead poisoning either. Also, with the blood work she tested positive for Lupus. It doesn't mean she has it either. The doctor thinks she may have a form of arthritis. Needless to say both kids had to have blood work done. Zachary was very scared. started crying in the waiting room. He didn't run out of the building though this time and he did good. Kaity was fine until she saw the chair and she started crying. She did good too. She didn't try to move and I was told that crying is good because it makes the blood move faster. They were both mad at me when I tore off their bandages when they weren't looking. Zachary started to have a reaction and Kaity had one last time so I thought the best thing was to take it off when they weren't expecting it. I am glad my mom went with us. She made it so much easier on me. Afterwards, I rewarded them with lunch and I promised Zachary I would take him to the store to buy him something if he was good.

After that, Bill had his weekly infusion. He slept during a good portion of it but we did have some good conversation with two other patients. Bill is going to skip treatment next week but has an appointment to see the oncologist. He is going to go back to wearing the pump, so the treatments will be every other week again. The nurses suggested he skips treatment on his birthday(which he deserves because last year he had the colon dissection surgery right before his birthday and wasn't feeling that great). Which means he will have another month off chemo. Not sure if the doctor will go for this but I will keep my fingers cross.

Bill is working through this weekend so hopefully at the beginning of next week he will think of some good stories to share.


  1. oh my goodness!
    i have increased prayers to cover updated info and will continue to hold all of you in thought as well as prayers! God bless your family of fighters...and are an angel yourself.
    blessings for always

  2. so i was wondering when you will have more info on kaity and/or zach?
    blessings for always..

  3. The doctor reassured me he would call if there was something wrong. So far I haven't heard anything. He said he should have the results back today.