Saturday, January 2, 2010

Just a quick note

One last post before I go back to work. I start tomorrow night working midnights. I am thankful for having a job and being able to work, but I am not ready to go back. I enjoy being home. Plus I wanted to do so much more when I was off but the flu bug put a damper on things.

This afternoon, I went in for the PET scan. Not really sure what the difference between a CT scan and a PET scan. Not sure why I need both done but from what Sally had read it's normal to have both of them for colon cancer. I will admit I was very nervous about the test. I woke up feeling sick to my stomach.I contributed it to my nerves. Yes, probably every thing will turn out fine. Yes, I do trust in God and have faith. But until you have been in my shoes (I hope no one ever has to) it's really hard to understand what I am going through. Really, I am not whining or complaining but just trying to express what it is like to go through this. In 5 days I will be getting the test results. In a matter of seconds the results can change my life again and then again in a matter of seconds a large weight will be lifted from Sally and I for the time being.

After the scan, Sally and I went out to lunch. I was told to wait at least an hour before I can home because of Zachary and Kaity. It was just a precaution because of the chemical they injected me with before the scan. I was hungry and it was nice to get some alone time with the wife. When we got home, Zachary was in the living room. I went to give him a pat and he ran away from me yelling. He said "Don't touch me! I don't want to glow." The rest of they day he avoided me like the black plague. Sally's mom was watching the kids. She was teasing Zachary that the reason why we couldn't go home right after the test is because I was glowing. We often forget how serious Zachary takes everything.

New Years Eve we celebrated like we normally do. Sally made lots of snacks for us toasted raviolis, buffalo wings, sweet barbecue wings, onion straws, vegetable pot stickers, Mexican dip, weenie wraps, pineapple cheese ball, and dip with chips. Why did she make all of that for just us? I have no idea. She does it every year but you won't hear me complain. Funny thing is that a lot of the stuff she makes, she won't even eat. Zachary now is becoming like her and is getting where he doesn't want to eat meat either. I watched "UP' with the kids while she was cooking. Every year I take the kids to Main Square to watch the fire works at midnight. I would take Michael when he was younger and now I take Zachary. This year though, Sally offered to take Zachary. I really wanted to go but the cold really effects me badly because of the chemo side effects. I would have taken Zachary if Sally didn't want to because I don't want the kids to miss out because there dad is sick.

Last night I rented "Julia & Julia" for Sally and me to watch. If you haven't seen I highly recommend it. Sally said she will be posting on the blog Thursday evening to let everyone know what the doctor has said.

Hope everyone has a good week.
God Bless


  1. May God bless you and keep you in the palm of His hand..
    keeping you in my prayers this week and always :)

  2. keeping those prayers going for you bill, each and everyday!
    keep your positive attitude even when it's toughest ok?
    blessings for always..