Sunday, January 10, 2010

Now for the next round!

I see Sally told everyone what was going on. I worked 6 days last week so I didn't have much time to write the blog. Tomorrow, I go back in for chemo. As of this moment I think I am going to try the weekly treatments but if it becomes to much of a pain I will go back to the pump. I might change my mind when I get there tomorrow. Talk about being shocked. I expected the worse, that the cancer came back but I never expected to hear at least another year of chemo. Usually, it is Sally who is the one that is nervous about the test results. This time she was really calm (unless she is learning to hide it well) and I was the one who was a basket case. I was planning on taking Sally out this weekend to celebrate being cancer free (if that was the case) but the 12 more months of chemo doesn't have me doing the happy dance.

When I am home I usually run all the errands with Sally and kids in tole. Usually we end up doing most of the grocery shopping at Meijer( Strack and Van Tils is still the official Grocery Store of Bill's Life with Cancer Blog). The last couple of times I had been stopping in the isles making notes in my handy dandy little note book. Usually, it's one of the kids making a scene or causing embarrassment. However, this particular day it was not the kids, it wasn't even me, it was my wife. My wife always tells the kids to be quiet and not to make comments when out in front of people. She usually nudges me when I slip on a rare occasion but I have to admit sometimes it's hard to keep quiet when I find someone amusing or annoying. We were walking in the freezer section and I heard a "eeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww". It didn't come from my kids but from Sally. Some reason when there is a fowl odor in the air I am the one always blamed. This time it wasn't me. I saw a couple on the side of me looking at some frozen food items. After Sally made her RUDE very loud comment the lady looked at the man she was with and said something. The next thing I see is them scurrying off. I almost fell to my knees with laughter. Sally usually doesn't insert shoe into her mouth, but this time I think she got a whole boot with wool socks.

A couple of days later we were at Meijer again. This time we only had Kaity. We were Christmas shopping in the toy section. I had the honors of watching Kaity while Sally was looking. Kaity ran up to Sally and had something in her mouth. I knew what it was. It was a gumball. I didn't know where she got it from and I tried to get out of her mouth but there was no way I was going to let her bite me. Anyways, germs are needed to build up her immune system. Sally grabbed Kaity and took the gumball out of her mouth. I was wondering what had more germs the gumball or Sally's fingers. Sally walked away to do more shopping. Kaity was left gum less and a little upset. Then again she went down a toy isle and I just watched her do her thing. She went up to a gum ball machine and there was a package of gum ball opened next to it. So she helped herself to another gum ball. I was proud of her for being self sufficient. After she got her gum in her mouth she was on the quest to find her mom. I think she wanted to prove to Sally that she is going to have that gum one way or another. We started walking towards Sally and about a mile away Sally spotted that Kaity had something in her mouth. Sally ran towards Kaity to save her from the germs in her mouth with her germie fingers. I saved the day and pinned Sally down to tell her that it was perfectly safe since it wasn't on the floor. Then Sally started lecturing Kaity and I that it was stealing and told us we were going to jail.

This morning we went to mass. Kaity is turning into the diva. I helped her get dressed for church. I put her Christmas dress on her and she kept saying "thank you". Then I caught her in the mirror staring at herself while she was putting lip gloss on. She walked into church wearing her silver shoes, a purple flower in her hair, a pearl neckless and bracelet, and a white furry coat. Miss Hollywood she looked like. As soon as we walked in the doors she started saying "Hello" to everyone. We walked in the church which was very quiet and there was Miss Hollywood continuing to say "Hello!" to everyone. Usually she will take off her coat but not today. She had to keep that big fluffy coat on (Thanks Deb). It made it difficult for Sally to hold her during mass. I was lucky because Kaity didn't want to burden me with the extra weight and bulk.

Have a good week everyone. I am off to my two god children's birthday party this afternoon.


  1. oh man! i missed the "star" today? shame on me for not getting to church! maybe next week? i'm guessing the coat is a big hit huh?
    oh my gosh...the gumball story is a classic! :) thanks for making me laugh today i needed heart is still aching from the loss by the packers! i can't wait for baseball season to start! good thing i have been getting into hockey lately...GO HAWKS!
    ok well blessings and prayers headed your way as always..