Sunday, January 17, 2010

Checking in

Just checking in again. Last week was a busy week. I had chemo on Monday. It didn't go as I planned. The chemo sessions are still the same amount of time. Now with the infusion I go every week and have to have blood work done weekly as well. It is nice not wearing the pump though. I felt much better to. I didn't have to take anything for nausea this time. Besides chemo, I worked 2 doubles and an extra day. Sally wasn't very happy but I felt like I didn't have much of a choice. I didn't want to let my work down and I always feel like I have to prove that I can handle my job. Plus, we can always use a larger pay check. I felt fine except for being tired on the double shifts. I think anyone would if they only had 8 hours before their next shift.
Starting next week I am going to be on 12 hour shifts again unless it changes again. Eventually, I will go back to the chemo pump I think.

Kaity needed to have some test done because of her legs pains. Since I had to work a lot last week, Sally had to take her. My mother in law went with them. I was relieved I didn't have to go with. I had a hard time when I went with Zachary for his shots and another time when he had to have blood drawn. It breaks my heart. I know as of dad I am suppose to be strong but stuff like that I am a wuss. Anyways, I like when Sally is the bad one taking the kids to be tortured then I can comfort them when they get home and tell them their mom is a big meanie. Kaity though, was fine when she was done. They bribed her with stickers, a lollipop, a stuffed monkey, and pancakes.
Which makes me wonder why I don't get those things when I go for my blood work. I would be happy with just a candy bar. Kaity still has her bandage on from one of her pokes. Sally said she is leaving that for me to pull off. I was hoping by the 3rd day it would fall off but nope. I think it's glued on and I don't see a problem with it being on her. If it doesn't bother her being on then I think we should just leave it.

It wouldn't be a Bill Ceiga blog if I didn't write something I felt was funny about my family. So here it is. On the way to mass last week all three of the kids were in the back seat. Zachary said that Michael had bad breath. Michael said he didn't and told Zachary to "shut up". Sally said "no Michael you do", and said that Michael has a unique smell in the morning. Zachary had to add "yeah! like a dead fish". I think it was the first time in history Michael was lost for words. He just walked a head of us in to church with his head hanging low. I don't condone my kids being mean to each other. However, with Michael and Zachary being 11 years apart, Michael is the one that is usually tormenting and saying mean things to Zachary. Zachary being much younger is the one who is left heart broken and in pain. It was just a classic moment to see Zachary in his glory and for once getting his brother back. It is also funny because a few years ago when Michael had braces, Sally and I found the most perfect ornament that reminded us of Michael. It was a fish ornament that had a huge smile wearing braces. How ironic now.

Since I didn't get to see the kids very much I would try to call them on my breaks. Thursday I called when Zachary got home from school. He was very sad and told me he had a bad day. I was expecting him to be happy because he had Friday off and is going to have tomorrow (Monday) off as well. I asked my pumpkin why is he so sad. He said "I got homework and it's not fair. I never get homework for the weekend". I later found it was 2 math sheets that will take him less them 10 minutes to finish.

Last Sunday we had a birthday party to go to for my two God Children. When it was time for the cake, My mother in law was passing out the incredible edibles. She was going person to person with a smile on her face. When she was all done, I noticed red toe prints all over the floor throughout the kitchen and living room area. I knew right away who it came from. I just started laughing and telling everyone, except the person who made the tracks about the prints. I didn't want to embarrass my Mother in law Mary, so I just did the mature thing and laughed about it for awhile. Finally , my sister in law Sandy told my mother in law to look under her socks and sure enough there it was, a big red blotch. I guess she felt she needed to leave tracks throughout the house so she wouldn't get lost finding her way back to the kitchen.

I slept in today. It felt good. We will go to the evening mass tonight. I decided to write the blog early so I can spend the rest of the day with my family. I am going to do something with Zachary. Not sure what but I am sure if I ask him he can give me lots of ideas what to do with him. Kaity is trying to help me write this so I think that is my clue to get off the computer. Hope everyone has a good week.

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  1. and i hope and pray that you enjoyed your day off with your family....
    you are an inspiration bill...
    keep on doing what you are doing..!
    promise us that you (or sally) will post updates about what's going on with kaity? please! she's in my prayers
    i had to smile about the zach/michael debate...good for zach..he surely owes his big brother a few more as the years go on..:)
    blessings for continued strength to you...physically, emotionally and spiritually!