Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Just a little update to prove that I am still here. I have been working a lot because of the project that I was in last week and I worked the weekend because it was my weekend to work. I also picked up a shift last night, other wise I would have had only a 36 hour pay check. I go back to working in the morning and I am looking forward to having the weekend off.

We haven't heard any news about the kids and their blood work. We should have heard by now if something were wrong. Kaity was whimpering through out the night Sally had said. When I got home this morning she was crying because her leg and hand were hurting her. She isn't due to go back to see the doctor until her 3 year old check up in April but not sure if we want to wait that long. I will talk with the doctor about her when I go see him.

This morning I had an appointment with the oncologist. Sally usually goes with me but stayed home this time because Kaity was in pain. I went to register and found out my appointment was at 1:30 and not at 9:30 which I had thought wooops.I worked midnights and thought that I scheduled it earlier. Luckily for me, they squeezed me in. In the mean time I fell asleep in the waiting room. I woke up to a crowd of people hovering around me and drool running down my face, wooops again. The doctor is letting me skip treatment on my Birthday so I will have a month off. I am hoping to get into see the dentist during the time I have off. I couldn't get a cleaning last time because of the chemo treatment. Who would have thought?

Last week when I went in for an infusion, Sally dropped me off because she had Zachary with her. She and Zachary went to Target which is almost next door to the clinic. I asked Sally to bring me back a drink when she came back. Sally decided to drop off the drink before she took Zachary back home. Zachary has always asked if he could go to chemo with me. We had to explain he isn't allowed in the room because he is under 16. Sally took him with but told him he had to stay in the door way and he could peek in. As soon as he peeked in I hear nurse Stacey laugh and say " Little Bill!hahahahahahahahah". "Little Bill, hahahahahahahahahaha". I think Zachary was a little embarrassed because he hid his little face in my chest. At least he got to see where I go for treatments and that it wasn't scary.

Sitting during chemo sometimes gets boring. I am either with a group that likes to talk which makes it go so much faster or I am with a group that mostly sleeps. Those times I dread. It seems like the 4 hours are more like 8 hours. The nurses talk to me which helps but they can't sit with me during the entire time. When Sally is there it's better but if I have chemo on a day my mother in law is working Sally isn't able to be there. A couple of weeks ago it was one of those days. Sally didn't have a sitter for Kaity. Everyone that was receiving treatment was sleeping and I was bored out of mind. What does one do in this case? Well, I decided to provide my own entertainment on nurse Angelia's expense. The pumps have alarms on it to let the nurses know when the IV's are empty. When the alarm goes off the nurses drop what they are doing to see who's went off and to start the next unit of treatment. Me being my clever self, tried mimicking the alarm. Every so often I would make the alarm noise. Angela would stop what she was doing and tried to find out who's pump it was. Of course she couldn't find the unit but every time I made the noise she ran to look. It was hilarious. It was hard to sit there with a poker face. I knew even if I let out a slight grin she would catch on and my entertainment would be over. As soon as I walked out of there, I had to release my laughter. I finally had to tell Sally what had happened so she could understand the reason for laughter and not misconstrued it for me going mad. She is such a party pooper though. Even though she shared in the laughter with me, she confessed to the nurses of my dirty little secret. So I am going to have to find another way to entertain myself when Sally isn't there.

As I am writing this, I just realized that last week was my one year anniversary of the colon surgery and being diagnosed with cancer. Honestly, I didn't imagine life resembling it to be what is now. Meaning I figured in a year I would either be dead or very sick and bald. Well, before anyone comments on the bald part I was loosing my hair before I was sick but I am still not bald. Being close does not count. Not sure what it's going to be like a year from now, so in the mean time I will just enjoy my life for what I have and for what it is.

Thank you for visiting and God bless.
Stay tuned for my next blog. I have a story about Kaity and her special day with Grandma, or was it a special day.


  1. oh bill :) you always make me smile! ALWAYS!!!!
    let's toast to the fact that a year from now you'll still be entertaining all of us and you'll be an inspiration to many who are fighting the fight that you have handled so graciously for a year now...truth be told i think you are an amazing person with a loving family and that you have/will beat this thing!
    prayer is powerful and you are covered in them...and now so is kaity so i'm hoping for some good news and relief for that sweet little angel of yours..(thankfully kaity has her moms good looks:)
    blessings for always..take care
    i think you need a good book to read (during your lonely chemo hours)
    ...since i know you have already read dan's book i have another suggestion (certainly NOT as good as dan's) try "The Shack" by william p young...i highly recommend me on this one!

  2. It is amazing at how well you are doing. I am so thankful. If your looking for another good book to read, Dave and I enjoyed Bill O'Reilly's book a Bold fresh piece of humanity. You can borrow our copy. It's funny. You may see yourself.