Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Zack, Why Why!

Welcome back! I am back on the 12 hour shift starting this weekend. I am involved in a special project this week which means I am on days plus I get breakfast, free snacks, and lunch. I am feeling well. Not digging going in every week for treatments but I do feel better this way. Tonight, I am trying to decide if I want to go back to the pump when I go Thursday or not. I really really despise the pump. Going every week is a pain as well. It will be more difficult to go every week with the 12 hour shifts. I worked 6 days last week and now I am working 9 days in a row. Only half of the days I am working are 12 hours the other 4 days are 8s.

Now for my family life. It's amazing and/or scary (not sure which one) how I am never short of material about my family. Remember last week how I said Zachary told Michael that he smelled like a dead fish? Now Michael is saying his car smells like rotten fish. I couldn't help but laugh when I heard it. Sally told him at least people know when he is near.

Sally was telling me that Kaity is now hitting with a closed fist. Not that we condone violence, but I do want my children to defend themselves. Which is the reason we got into an argument. I was like good for Kaity, she is learning to defend herself. If she is going to hit then she should make it count, go for the jewels I would say. Sally said that hitting with a close fist is wrong and that she should not be taught to hurt others but hitting with an open hand is OK at times. Sally and I bickered back and forth for over an hour. We never came to an agreement( I am right though).

Last weekend after I finished my blog, I gave Zachary a choice of things to do with me. Sally was helping with suggestions and mentioned ice cream. I just gave her the look. I knew right then and there what was about to erupt. The next thing we hear is a little voice saying "Ice keam! Ice keam!" Sally crushed her heart by telling her that I will take her the next day. She cried and cried. So I came up with a brilliant plan and took the kids to McDonalds for sundae's ( only a dollar) So I bought 8 and got the kids theirs. After wards, I dropped her off at home and she was happy and I took Zachary to the destination of his choice which was Chuck E Cheeses. The first thing he wanted to do was play the basketball game. The very first throw he managed to have the basketball hit a lady in the head. After it hit her the ball went straight in the air. I caught the ball over the lady's head before it hit her again. I looked at Zachary and said "Nice shot Zach!" and then my first thoughts were "Oh crap! what did I just say?" I was expecting a mean glare at the very least and some choice words to be flying my way around with a hand, but the lady acted like nothing ever happened and kept playing her game. That even scared me some more( you know when a women acts like nothing is wrong, there is something wrong and your in it deep poop). So obviously I still didn't feel safe. I kept looking out of the corner of my eye waiting for some buff wrestling dude to come up to me to defend his woman. I was relieved when we got into our car and drove away. I had a vision of the "Ikea" commercial as I opening the door to the car "Start the car! Start the Car", but there was nobody in the car to start it for me, "Oh crap!" I thought. "Did make a clean get away?." As Zachary was in the back saying "Whoooooooo!" Every time a car was next to me and the person would look at me, I would look over and yell " What are you looking at?", and speed a way in my fast looking Impala( teach them to stare at me). This past Sunday, my nephew had his birthday party at Chuck E Cheeses. Zachary again ran up to the basketball game and I held my breath the entire time. I kept trying to redirect him towards a different game but he insisted he needed to practice. I told him that this wasn't the time or place to practice, but not before he ran into a little boy and knocked his cup of tokens on the floor. "No way, this can't be happening to me" I thought. Oh, I just knew some lady is going to jump on me on me now, and hit me with a closed fist. Kaity, Daddy was just kidding, open fist open fist. Luckily, that didn't happen. I picked up the little trouble maker and said be more careful as I scoped the area out. I sent him on his way with a little smack on the back of his head.

I have this fascination with watching bobsledding. Not sure why but lucky me it's on TV tonight. So I am going to cut this short (which I am sure some are relieved) so I can watch it and give Sally her computer back. Even though she is in denial she is addicted to her imaginary mob or are they.Thank you and God Bless.

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  1. i am just so happy to hear from you again!!!!
    was getting alittle worried..:)
    for the record bill...sally is right!
    NO HITTING WITH CLOSED FISTS!...in fact, i personally do NOT support hitting at all! :)
    sorry bill..
    on a happier note, glad to know that things around the house remain entertaining...you have enough material to write a book! :)
    blessings to all of you always..
    guess who? :)