Saturday, December 5, 2009

The words of wisdom by Zach.

This has been a long week for me. I had chemo on Wednesday. I am also working 6 days this week plus I had two 12 hour shifts. I am attempting to write this before I go to work. This way tomorrow I can relax and spend the day with my family.

I am doing well. I wasn't able to get the patch for nausea filled because the insurance only will pay for a refill every 23 days and my chemo sessions are every 14 days( duh). I am a little nauseated, just enough to feel uncomfortable. Obviously, I am tired as well. I can't wait until I don't have to wear the pump at home. That is what bothers me the most. The 2 nights I have it on I don't sleep very well. Hopefully in 2 weeks that will be the last of the pump wearing days. During this last treatment I sat next to a gentlemen who has colon cancer to. It had spread to his liver and lymphnodes as well. He had surgery to remove the tumors on his liver. Sally was asking him questions and I just kept watching her. I knew what she was doing by drilling him. We found out he has been in treatment for 2 and half years. He said that just when you think you are almost done with treatment, you find out there is more. I am an optimistic, I believe I am going to beat this. Sally on the other hand is a pessimist and continues to research and ask questions. If you ask her though she would say that I am in denial and that she is trying to be realistic. That could be the reason she has to take "happy" pills now. So as of now I have one more full treatment of chemo. After that I will have another CT scan done. If everything looks good (which I am sure it will) I will start 6 more partial treatments ( a treatment every 2 weeks) which does not require me to wear a pump( just the the one that is already in my chest).

Enough about the cancer stuff. I really need to write more often but because of time I can't. Lately Zachary has been giving me loads of blog material. In fact I will have to have a part 2 of this blog to continue about Zachary. I am not sure what goes through that little brain of his. Quite a bit , I am sure I often wonder what he is going to become when he gets older and I would love to be able to see what he dreams about. The thing that he asked and comes up with is just mind boggling to me. Sally and I are often lost for words during conversations with him. Thanksgiving we had dinner at my mother in law's. She wasn't feeling well because of back pain. The kids were getting rowdy and Sally told Zachary to clean up after his little sis. Well, of course Zachary wasn't to eager to do so. So he stood there for a few seconds goofing around and looked at his grandma (who was watching him) he then turned back around and said "Uh Oh! The camera is watching me" and went and put the toys away. He was so clever that he left Michael pondering what he meant. Sally and Michael proceeded to argue what Zachary meant by that. Michael thought he was talking about a doll and said it was her mom. When Zachary came back we asked him what he meant by camera and he said "Grandma". It was his way of saying his grandma has a watchful eye and that he better be good.

Our kids will put their shoes out the night before St. Nicholas day which is Sunday this year. During the night St. Nick will fill their shoes with some treats. I have never heard of it until I met Sally. It's a Catholic tradition. I have been deprived during my youth so every year I leave my shoe out next to the kids. Hoping St. Nick will make up for all those precious years that was taken from me.(Can't blame this one on Dawn) Every year I try and in the past 11 years the only thing that managed to appear in my shoe was a deodorizer. I will be leaving my shoe out again this year. A dying man can dream right? Anyway, one day Zachary asked me if St. Nicholas is dead or a live. I replied "St. Nick has been dead for many many years.", Zachary quickly replied "If he is dead, how can he leave treats in my shoe?" "Ummm" I thought. Sally was next to me giggling and said "He got you again" which he did. Last night the kids were not going to bed very good. Sally told them if they don't get to bed St. Nick is going to leave rocks in their shoes. Zachary came running from his bedroom excited. He said "Good, I like rocks. I can add them to my rock collection"( I was the one this time that was left giggling thinking to myself she is such a fool.) At least it's nice to know I am not the only one Zachary stumps.

High Ho High Ho off to work I go. I will continue with Zachary and his wisdom soon. Take care and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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  1. as ALWAYS...your kids provide you with great material!!!!