Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Chtistmas Story

Today I feel a lot better than I have the past couple of days, with the flu and almost popping an eye out. I hope to continue with the good fortune. In a wacky way this Christmas was a lot like "A Christmas Story". Let me explain what I mean. First off I almost poked my eye out, just like Ralphie almost did with his Red Rider BB gun. I almost poked my eyeball out differently but, in any case it happened. Now for the Christmas tree. All the trouble I had with it. Putting one up , taking it down and putting another tree up and still had problems. Finally getting the not exactly the lights I wanted (green alien lights as Sally puts it), but never the less ones that worked and I didn't have to return. The difference between me and Ralphie's dad( Mr. Parker or the Old Man) is I didn't topple the tree in the process. I came close ( thank goodness the wall was there) but it didn't go over. Now for Sally, saying a naughty word. I am not sure exactly how it happened but, Sally said the word A$$. Zachary heard and Said," MOM YOU SAID A NAUGHTY WORD. YOU SAID ASS." She didn't get soap in her mouth like Ralpie did but she did get a tongue lashing from Zachary she will not soon forget. Mr. Parker had some trouble with the furnace . I had issues with the Bathroom sink. Different household things we worked on but, same choice of words used while trying to fix the pesky things( sink is unclogged by the way). Our Christmas meal wasn't a traditional meal like we would have liked. Ralphie's family was going to have Turkey, ruined by the neighbors dogs. They had to settle on roast duck with the head still on Chinese style. We were going to have a feast at my brother Mike's house , ruined by illness, had to settle on lemon rice soup and couscous made Sally style. We took Kaity and Zachary to see Santa , at the Indiana Visitors center that was having a tribute to "A Christmas Story"( 5 of the cast members were also there,Flick, Farkus,Randy, Grover Dill and Miss Shields). The Santa area was set up just like the movie. After she saw Santa and went down the slide, she started to climb back up the slide not to tell Santa what she didn't tell him like Ralphie did but, to slide back down again. Now if I only went to Zachary's school I am sure one of his friends probably stuck there tongue to a pole like flick did during the triple dog dare.We also like to bundle up Kaity so much like Ralphie's brother Randy, that I had a hard time buckling her in her car seat. After further reflection, I really wished I would have won the Leg lamp or at least bought one at the visitors center. I believe " The Christmas story "tribute will be there until the 6th of Jan.

In the picture with Kaity in front of the Christmas tree, Sally was taking the picture and Zachary said to Kaity," watch it Kaity or you will get sucked in". This was in reference to Sally's Alien tree comment that she said 5 days ago

Hope you all had a great Christmas and great coming new year. God bless you all!


  1. as always, your blog makes me smile and i applaud you guys for the amazing attitude that you have in the midst of chaos!! you guys are so good at handling just about anything that is thrown your way and always the bottom line seems to be to count your blessings :)
    a sense of humor helps and it is obvious that you ALL have that! :)
    hope everyone is feeling better and that the new year brings you all good health and many blessings of peace and luv..
    thanks for always making me smile regardless of the adversity and trials you are dealing with..
    may God bless you all..

  2. by the a die hard packer fan it is my hope and prayer that THEY will go to the super bowl!