Friday, December 25, 2009

There was a Chirstmas After All

I had a week off before Christmas. I had made a bunch of plans in my head of things I wanted to do, to insure a Norman Rockwell painting like Christmas. Of course by now, everyone knows my luck so I am sure everyone knows it didn't go quite as planned. If you are one of the few lucky ones to be one of my Myfacebook friends you are probably aware of the unfortunate events.

It all started with the Christmas tree. In fact that could be a blog in itself. I will give the short version instead. The newer pre-lit tree wouldn't light in the middle. Took it down and put up the other tree. None of the lights worked. Had to go out and buy new lights. Not much of selection 3 days before Christmas. Found some I like. there was only 4 packages left. Grabbed them hung them on the tree to find the last string didn't work. Had to take them off and go out again. Couldn't find multi color lights so I ended up buying all green lights. Sally calls it the alien tree. The little kids decorated the tree all by themselves. We were just glad to have it up and done with by this point.

While the tree fiasco was going on, another pot was brewing. Monday evening Sally wasn't feeling well. She woke up in the middle of the night with a full blown stomach flu. Zachary woke up with it as well. Wednesday afternoon Michael and Kaity came down with it to. Wednesday night I went to bed figuring I dodged the bullet but I woke up yesterday to the mighty terror flu. I felt like I was close to death, my time was coming.

Last night Zachary was very excited about Santa. Kaity still didn't feel to well and she really doesn't understand the Santa thing. It was after midnight and Zachary was still awake, telling us to go to bed so Santa can come. Finally around 1AM the big guy arrived. I was told Michael was snooping around under the tree acting like he was 9 instead of 19. He had no will power and opened his gift and jumped around like a little kid. Zachary climbed into bed with us around 4:30. Sally got up with him and they looked at his stocking and both of them fell asleep on the couch. 8am on the button, Zachary was waking everyone up. At that point I realized I left the diaper bag that contained the camera at my mom's( although we did have the camcorder going). So I have no pictures to post. Kaity kept saying "Oooooo" to everything. She sat there with a pile of toys eyeing what she wanted first. She smiled big, made her selection and took her chocolate candy to me to open. She is truly my girl. Zachary said Santa did so well that he can't think of anything he wants for next Christmas.

After the presents were opened and I put batteries in everything I went back to bed. I am still not feel well but much better then yesterday. All of our Christmas plans went out the window because of us being sick. We stayed in our P.J.s all day. It was nice to relax. Kaity was watching Angelina Ballerina. She hurried up and put her Tinker Bell dress on and was trying to mimic Angelina. It was fun watching her. After that I went to clean up a bit. I had another battle but this time it was with a box. I almost lost my eye to the box. I can't say it was a bad Christmas. To see the joy in my kids faces is everything to me. No matter how old we are there is always magic in Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope your day was truly a blessed one.


  1. The Alien Tree...sounds like a fundraiser fo aliens or the name of U2's next album.

    Glad ya'll had a good Christmas!

    And Bill, don't forget to switch the Metric sheet (M1) to 2010 January when you get back...if Rick has even created it???????

    Hope ya'll are ready for New Years!

  2. Yes, I have already checked on it the day of the bowl o rama. I just hope the chillers don't give me ant problems.