Sunday, November 29, 2009

Where's the stuffing!!

To my relief and a miracle I am able to write this blog. While all of you were out Christmas shopping I decided I needed to work off the turkey dinner, by tackling Zachary's room. I thought about taking a before picture to post but to be frank I was embarrassed on how bad it had gotten. I have seen messy rooms in my days ( I thought I saw the worst when I saw Sally's bedroom before we got married) then Michael's room gets bad too, and I have seen other messy rooms but nothing I swear nothing compares to Zachary's. Last year when it was messy (nothing like this) we went out and bought containers and storage bins. We organized everything thinking it would be easier for him to keep his room clean. Nope. Instead there were lots of empty totes and cracked bins blocking the door way ( Kaity and Zach thought more useful using them for stepping stools and hiding places). I know you are sitting hear reading this and thinking I should have made him clean it. My wife and I have had on several occasions. It seemed like every time we sent him to clean his room it got messier. On one occasion he discovered his art easel while trying to clean. He dragged it out and of course it was lying on the floor on top of the clutter. One time the police came to our house and asked us if we knew where Jimmy Hoffa was. We had no choice but to lead them to Zach's room to begin there search, luckily they didn't find anything. It was so bad that all Kaity's and Zachary's clothes vanished in the room. Of course, it wasn't Zachary's fault for his room getting that way. Kaity did it. I think his room has a magnetic field that pulls everything in the house to his room. I found all my black dress socks which have been missing. There seemed to be a treasure in his room for everyone in the house. Yesterday, I spent 5 hours in the room and by the time I quit there was still no floor to be found. I am not finished but there is a floor now. Sally has a billion loads of laundry to wash. I might even get saucy and finish putting the final touches on his room that was suppose to be done almost 3 years ago, ahhh maybe not. I promised him if his room started to get messy Sally and I are going to start locking him out of his room. Our neighbor gave us that idea when she locked her 8 year old out of her room because of the mess.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving and full bellies. We had a quiet dinner. Sally made dinner at her mom's. It was just us and Mary (her mom). We had the tradition Thanksgiving dinner : turkey breast, gravy, mashed potatoes, green jello mold, sweet and sour green beans, sweet potatoes casserole, cauliflower cheese gratin, roles, cranberry sauce and stuffing. Yes , that's all we had. Oops did I say stuffing. I forgot we didn't have stuffing. Someone not mentioning names (cough cough Sally) forgot to make the stuffing.( I love stuffing) I am sitting there looking around for the bowl of stuffing but there was none to be found. I was disappointed but decided to keep my mouth shut but after dinner was done I asked where the stuffing was. No one missed it except for me. Sally offered to make it and I could have it for desert but I had already eyed the apple pie, pumpkin pie, and apple Bavarian torte.

On Friday since it was a nice day, I let Zach go out and play for awhile. He started out playing with his legoes in the driveway and then was on to kicking his ball all around. He came in the house at one point and asked if he could go across the street and get his ball that he kicked across. I said yes, but to be careful crossing. I was watching him from inside the house to make sure he would be OK. He got his ball and decided to try and kick it back across the street(bad idea). First time he kicked it, it hit one of the neighbors cars. Didn't faze him, he tries again and hits the other neighbors car. He tries again, this time it bounces into a neighbors pick-up and luckily bounces out, but he is still on the other side of the street. I was thinking ,I hope he gets it over soon cause I don't want all the neighbors coming over to yell at me. now for the last time he kicked it , it hit a tree branch and came scorching down and hit him in the melon. That is when he knew he was beat and picked up the ball and came home. Just to kick it again to have it get stuck in a tree. I think I may need to teach him some kicking techniques. Not saying I am the best kicker around but, I don't think I would have vandalized the neighborhood in doing so

I am on afternoons at work this week. Wednesday morning I go in for chemo. I am going to try to post another blog during the week. There is more to tell about the weekend but I know sometimes it gets to long for some people to read. Plus, my buns of steels are sore from sitting on the floor for hours sorting out toys. Thank you and God Bless.


  1. oh that zach...
    always good for a story or two :)
    have a great week bill..

  2. Next year I will put you in charge of making the stuffing :)

  3. Perhaps you'd like to tackle Kesli's room. I always tell her it reminds me of those room you see on COP'S episodes. Mostly clothes though, she's way past the toys stage.

    You need to post a survey! Worst movie of all time?

    Best movie of all time?

    Worst television sitcom of all time?

    Best television sitcom of all time?

    Worst movie yo have to include Dune, Moonstruck, and Dark Blue.

    Best movie has to include Tombstone and The Postman.

  4. ah messy rooms! One of mine just like Zach- and now she is a Mom with a child and I keep telling her PAYBACK TIME!!

    Thanks to you and your faithful following for prayers and good vibes for my surgery- I am doing well and recovering. Left elbow nerve rerouted and my left thumb joint replaced. Will be in various forms and stages of casts for a longggggggg time to come. Oh joy! :) It was way difficult to do the Thanksgiving dinner, I did need help getting the turkey out of the oven. Surprising all the things I can still do with one working hand!

  5. good for you patty...i keep you in my prayers right along with bill..
    blessings and prayers of health to you!