Thursday, December 10, 2009

Zachary and his wisdom part 2

The past week has been pretty good , just the same old tiredness. I feel that most of that is because I am putting in some overtime the last few weeks. Other than that I feel really good. I still have the numbness in my hands and feet, that makes it hard to do a few things at work , but I manage. I try not to make any indication that I my be having some issues. I have one more week of work than two weeks off , I am looking forward too that. I have a lot of things that I want to be able to do with the kids.

Zach the other day told Sally that he felt lonely. I felt really bad that he felt this way. I am back to work and trying to put in some overtime to help catch up on bills and buy Christmas presents. Sally is keeping up the house and Kaity being only two will sometimes demand Sally's time. Zach was always playing with his legoes without a worry in the world. So I always thought he was content. So I will now make sure I am up with him in the morning and call him from work before he goes to bed to let him know that his Daddy is thinking about him and loves him. I will have conversations with him about whatever he wants to talk about. Sometimes that could be a mistake. We were driving in the car going to pick Michael up from Cabela's and he started asking me questions about Mountain Goats. I don't know a lot about Mountain Goats, so I was trying to get off the subject. When Zach would ask me a question, I want to be able to answer it correctly if I can. Mountain Goats is not my expertise. "Hey, Zach lets talk about Three toed Sloths". That is a subject I could talk about and actually answer more of his questions correctly. He asked me "What is a Sloth, Daddy". Now I have him, I thought to myself. "There animals that live in trees and move very slowly". "Daddy will Mountain Goats eat me". Back to those damn Mountain Goats. Yes, they are very mean and like to eat little kids and you should never talk about them again. This is what I wanted to say. I actually said no, they are timid animals and would probably run away from you if they saw you coming. Now we finally made it to Cabela's to pick up Michael. We were a little early, so we decided to go in and look around. We made it in and in front of us was a mountain scenery of all kinds of stuffed animals and on the top of this mountain landscape was none other then a Mountain Goat. Come over here Zach and lets look at the really big Elephant. Then he asked me if Cabela's had all the animals in the world. Another time we walked around Cabela's waiting for Michael again. This time he was interested in the fish. Most kids will run by and glance but not Zachary. We had to tell him the name of each fish. Luckily the names were written underneath each fish. Sally told him to that if he didn't behave there, he would be left to spend the night. She went on to tell him all the animals come to life when the stores closes. So Zachary tried to spend his time at Cabela's trying to prove Sally wrong. He pointed to the birds that were hanging from the ceiling and said they can't come to life because they can't come unattached. He then started to point to some animals asking Sally if they came to life and roamed around how would they be able to leave their spot and get back.

Zach mentioned to Sally earlier this week that he has a friend that doesn't believe in God and that he didn't want to be his friend anymore. Sally told him just because he doesn't believe in God doesn't make him a bad person. It's what you believe that matters. Zachary after a long pause asked Sally if he could invite his friend over to watch a video he has about The Stories of the Bible. I guess he wants to try and convert his friend. Zach is such a good boy and he always asking questions about the Bible, Jesus and Mountain Goats. Sally really did a great job leading him on the right path. Except now he is asking all sorts of questions about religion. Luckily he ask Sally the questions because for most of them I would have no clue how to answer. Sally is calling her mom asking the questions. I would love to see Zachary with a priest asking him the questions. For example last Sunday at Faith Formation, they had a party for baby Jesus. Zachary asked Sally if there are 2 Jesuses. Jesus the baby and Jesus the Savior. Sally had to explain there is only one. When Advent began Sally took him to the religious store to buy Advent candles and an Advent calender. There was a display of holy cards and Sally told him he could get one. Instead of picking the card out by the picture (which is what I would have done) he kept asking the owner of the shop who each Saint was. While they were in the car Zachary came up with a zillion questions to ask. He asked if St. Michael the Arch angel has a sword in Heaven. Then he asked if there is only one devil or many. He then got really sad and Sally asked him what was wrong. He said he is about to cry thinking that the devil doesn't love God. He then started talking about David and Goliath and asked since Goliath was bad did he go to hell when he died. I am sure glad he saves those questions for his mother.

I am trying to make the blogs a little shorter ,because I don't want anyone to get bored. I hope you enjoy what content I do put into them. Thank you and God Bless!


  1. Zachary is wise beyond his years! So glad your going to have a couple of weeks off.


  2. 2 weeks for you and the kids to spend time together!!!!!!! oh my goodness this news makes me so happy! you have earned it and you need it! blessings for always..deb:)