Saturday, December 19, 2009

PS I love you

Hey everyone. I am doing well. I have been collecting lots of blog material in my little handy note book. I will be home from the next two weeks so hopefully I will be able to write more frequently. Not sure if it will be daily but I will try since I know how popular my blog has become (cough cough). I wanted to write sooner but between Monday and Wednesday I put in an extra 16 hours of over time. I figure I will catch up on my rest during my vacation.

Thursday I had chemo. The first of the year I will be going for a CT scan and a PET scan. After that I will meet with the doctor and discuss the next round of treatments. If everything goes well the plan will be for another 6 more treatments minus one drug. It's the one that causes the most side effects. He said here and there I will be getting the full treatment but it won't be every time. Which is good because the numbness sensation is becoming worse. Sometimes while I drive my leg goes numb. It takes awhile before it feels some what normal again. The cold is also bothering me and the effects are lasting longer. I use to be able to have a week where I can have cold food and drinks without it bothering me, now it might be a day or two before the next treatment. At least now I have about month break from chemo which I am happy about.

Yesterday, my company had their Christmas party. There was a lucheon at work followed by bowling at Star Dust. I am relectly telling you something that I know I will catch some heat. What is told in this blog must stay in the blog. I write about everyone elses mishaps so it's only fair to share mine as well. Sally and I were on the way to Star Dust. Almost everyone else left directly after the luncheon but I stayed to wait for Sally. On the way there Dan called me asking me where I was at. I was talking to him, trying to listen to Sally as she was telling me which way to go and at the end of conversation to Dan I said "Bye I love you". I always tell Sally (even though she never hears me) "I love you" when I hang up with her. I couldn't believe I told Dan I love him. Even though we are suppose to love everyone, I don't go around tell people especially men that I love them. I was hoping Dan had hung up before he heard it. I know if had heard they will never stop the tourmenting during bowling. So Sally and I walked in and I held my head up high hoping Dan didn't hear. Sally on the other hand kept giggling. I saw Dan and he didn't say a word. I felt very relieved. He didn't hear but he will know now once he reads this blog. Hopefully, by the time I go back to work this will have been forgotten.

After bowling pizza was served and score were calculated to see who had the top scores. Every year I think Sally and I will get the booby prize but we always manage to stay away from it. This year I knew we were going to get it. I am an olympic bowler but my wife on the other hand is not. She usually drops the ball at least once during a game. The game at Avery isn't a typical bowling game. It's 40 frames and each frame has a special. For example there is a Migiligian which when that happens if you don't like your first throw you can reset it. There is also a thing called "sour grapes", which if you don't get a strike then you loose 2-5 points for every pin that is left. Sally kept getting the sour grapes. Every time she got she would get a gutter. The next frame though she always managed a strike. I think she really wanted a prize and knew the only chance was to blow the game and get a booby prize. She managed to cost us 130 points. I decided to wait until the end to recieve the booby prize, since Sally worked very hard to get it. While we were waiting Sally and I were talking with another guy at work. Sally was talking to Tony D. so I thought it would be fine if I left her alone for a couple of minutes. While I was gone a lady took a picture of Sally and Tony. The lady thought they were a couple. I can't leave Sally alone any more. By the way we were not awarded the booby prize. Someone else was actually worse then us. I am still puzzled how anyone could be worse then us. I think a blind couple could have had a higher score then we did.

Tonight we took the kids to a house by Sally's mom. The house is a corner house and they go all out every Christmas decorating. I am not exaturating when I say all out. Some nights Santa is even outside waving. This year we have been driving pass the house looking for Santa and finally we found him tonight. The pictures posted are from the house tonight.

I am sitting here taking a break in fustertarion from trying to put the Christmas tree up. A couple of years ago we purchased a pre lit tree. We thought it would be much easier then trying to mess with the lights. Plus, we needed a smaller one because the other one took up to much room. Last year after we had decorated we noticed a small section was not lit up. This year the entire middle section is not lit. I drove all over looking for fuses thinking it's the fuse but I can not find the fuse any where. Not sure what we are going to do. I thought about putting up a string of lights but the tree lights are green, red, and white and I don't think they sell strings of lights that way. All I know, Zachary is going to be disappointed because he really wanted the tree up and the house decorated.

I am going to take a hot shower (finally after not be able to take once since Thursday) and maybe I will just sleep on it about the tree. Sally mentioned I can take the tree down and put up the other one that is to large for the living room. I am tempted to buy a Charlie Brown tree and be done.

God Bless,


  1. Did you only leave the polls open for an hour or what?

    I got 3000 more words done on the novel today.

    Hello everyone!

    No, Bill, I didn't hear you tell me that you love me. But, boy, if I had, I would have ran up and hugged you when you arrived at Stardust!

    Who is Tony D.?

    It is just as freakin' cold here in Alabama as it is in Indiana!!!!

    Actually, I am a witness to the fact that about 10 to 15 of Bill's bowling ball tosses down the lane should have been strikes. I've never seen someone hit the pocket so many times and not get a strike. I think ghosts were making his pins not fall cause he's always ghostbusting them!

    I really had a good time with the group I bowled with - Me, Tony M., Bill, Sally, James and Mindy. We were just serious enough to make it interesting and just silly enough to make it fun. Plus, I think we all have the same sense of humor.

    Well, gotta run.

    How bout those Bears???? Man, Lovey Smith couldn't coach a pillow fight!

  2. I was really tired and I was dictating to her. So I really don't know how she got Tony D. Out of Tony M.

    I didn't understand my luck either. I was hitting right at the 1 and 3 pins and was splitting or leaving a couple up. I again would like to thank Sally for the awesome job she did in the Sour Grapes frames ( a hundred and thirty points to be exact lost).

    I am glad the bears are losing cause I am still upset they got rid of Ron Revera(sp).He was from the 85 team and unless he was doing terrribly, that was disresptful to him. He definately wouldn't be any worse than what is going on now. I may have to become a rams fan.No, I don't think so. Bill

  3. wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and a most blessed new year full of good health (especially for you bill and all who suffer physically in any way) and peace....
    i've missed your blogs bill and i look forward to reading a few now and then as you are on vacation but i do hope and pray that you spend some of this time relaxing and enjoying your family...
    Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!
    guess who? :)