Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Halloween

Yesterday, I had chemo for the 16Th time. I still have two full sessions of about 4 hrs for each session. Than 6 more partials of maybe only a couple hrs and no more pump. Sally had start to use a patch to help me with the nausea that I have been having during the last few chemo's. The patch is very expensive (thank goodness for insurance).For one single patch it's well over 300 dollars and cost us a bargain price of only 40 dollars per 1 patch. It's very hard to get because of the price, insurance companies don't like to cover it.Since I tried other Nausea medication, I was able to get the patch and it seems to work fine.Now my main issue I have is just fatigue. I still get the pain in my jaw when I eat,but it only last a few seconds but, very painful.I still have the numbness in my hands and feet. Other than that I feel fine. Work is going good and still glad to be back.Work does tire me out to were I just want to rest but its a good think. I have been sleeping better, but I still have a hard time during during the time I have the pump like right now. It's almost over and should all be over around the end of March.

Now I want to talk about taking the kids trick or treating.Zachary was a Star Wars Storm Trooper and Kaity was a witch.I started out taking them on our street. Zachary was all excited because he knew alot of the neighbors. He told me later that he felt like he was famous cause all the people were saying hi Zachary to him. Kaity was a little poky because she just wanted to stare at everyone. I finally had to inform her that Zach was way ahead of her getting all the candy. So she started out with a brisk walk that soon turned into a fast full pace run.She was like a cheetah zeroing in on her target. Which was all those houses that was giving out all that free candy. I had to tell her to slow down that the houses weren't going anywhere. She was trying to catch up to Zach, I had to tell her to slow down a few times. I was telling her" Kaity slow down, come on Kaity OOOOHHHHHH Kaity you OK"! "YESSSSSSS".I will help you pick up your candy. Hey, look there's Elmo! One for you and one for me, one for you and one for me............... After we were done on our block we went to his Grandma's to go trick or treating there for a while. Again most of the neighbors knew Zach because of the times his grandma watches him. He likes the attention and smiled at everyone. It seemed at Kaity was always told how cute she was in her princess costume. Princess costume,she has a pointy hat on,come on. She looks nothing like a princess. I actually corrected one guy and he said she still looks like a princess. She has a pointy hat on. I took her by the hand and said lets leave the bad man alone. Later that night I went back and threw an egg at his house. Teach him to call my daughter a princess,nobody calls my daughter a princess. Wait a minute, oh you know what I me. I finally took the kids home with all there bounty. I look through all there candy before they can eat any. I first went through Zach's. I dumped it all out, Hey ,Zach there's Darth Vader, one for you one for me one for you one for me........... After all that I had to go to work. I was able to go in late so I could take my kids out. That is something that I like to do every year.

I had a small notebook that I used to jot down things that happen and that I would like to share with everyone. Well I lost it a few weeks ago and found it in the car today. I grabbed it and saw that most of the pages were tore out and the stuff I jotted down was missing.I told Sally about this and she I know Kaity was throwing the pages at me. NOOOOOOOOOO, Why did you let her do that. They were little pages from a little notebook and you didn't notice that perhaps it was my most important notebook. I looked all over the car and saw little pieces of my notebook all over the place. I looked at all the pages and not one had any of my writing on them. I remember some of what was written but not all. I hope to find the pieces some day soon.

This is one of the shorter blogs. I am tired and going to watch a scary movie with Sally now called Trick or Treat. Most of the blogs are long because I only write a blog about once a week. I hope you enjoyed what I have written and until next time God Bless.


  1. Only two more chemo sessions left! That is great. Will you be done by Christmas? What a way to bring in the new year.


    you surely are a fighter and survivor!
    and i see you have taught these qualities to your children too as i can't help but notice the "drive" with which kaity took on her flight to trick or treat and catch up with her brother :)
    blessings to each one of you..