Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Michael!

Tonight's blog will be a little different. Instead of writing my weekly report I am changing the subject matter. I will try to write in the next couple of days my normal weekly report.

Monday, November 2nd was Michael's 19th Birthday. By they way Michael, Happy Birthday. As most everyone knows, I didn't meet Michael until he was 5. I knew of him for a long time though. I can't tell you his birthday story from my point of view. However, there is a unique story. Sally's dad was ill with pancreatic cancer when Sally was pregnant. Her pregnancy was high risk and complicated from the very start. At 6 months along Sally had to have a surgery trying to prolong the pregnancy. In the mean time Sally's dad was getting sicker. Right after her dad ended up in a hospital bed and was in and out of a comma, Sally ended up in the hospital. 4 days later she had Michael by an emergency C-section. Michael was born 6 weeks early weighing 3lbs 11 ounces. Except for his size, he was healthy. A few hours after Michael's birth, Sally's dad passed away.

Like I said earlier I didn't know Michael until he was a little older but I heard stories about him. My little sister Lisa would baby sit him. She would tell me about him. I remember her telling me when ever she would eat he would run up to her with his mouth open like a little bird waiting to be fed. He still does that with Sally sometimes.

After a couple of dates with Sally, I decided it was time to meet Michael. I took Michael and Sally to Celebration Station. We had a lot of fun playing games. Michael wasn't shy, very out going and was always smiling and on the move to play each and every game he could. When I brought them back home it was time for Michael to go to bed. When he got ready for bed he gave Sally a big hug and a kiss good night. I was just standing there thinking how sweet he was. Then he ran up to me and gave me a hug and said "I love you Bill". He caught me off guard and I didn't know what to say. I was impressed how lovable this little boy was.

It didn't take me very long to grow to love Michael. I considered him my son even before Sally and I were married. Michael always called me Bill until the day I married his mother. Then from that day on he called me "dad". Michael has always been compassionate and always worried about others. When he was little I use to smoke a cigar before I went to bed. It was my way of relaxing after a hard day of work. Michael went up to me with tears in his eyes telling me not to smoke because he didn't want me to die. Another time Sally, Michael and Sally's mom went to Tiebels for lunch. All of a sudden Michael started to cry. Sally asked Micheal why he was crying and he said that the waitress looked really sad.I think Sally and her mom left her a fairly hefty tip. One time Michael came home one day all upset. Sally asked him what was the matter and he said in one of our neighbors refrigerator that it was almost empty.Sally told Michael not to worry I will make sure they get food. Sally and her Mother filled up her trunk with groceries before she had to pick up Michael. After Sally picked up Michael, they both delivered the groceries to them. Sally and I try to instill acts of kindness for others in our kids. I use to watch Michael on Sunday's when Sally worked before we were married. It was nice because I got to know him and it was just the 2 of us. I would take him bumming around with me and I bought the play station so he would have something to do. He use to like Sunday's with me to because it always seemed like he ended up with a new toy. I was still a little boys in a man's body and liked toys just as much if not more then he did. I was never a cook but I kept my freezer stocked. Michael loved frozen pepperoni pizza. I would make sure I always had the individual ones for him. I will always remember on a particular Sunday I was watching him, he wanted a pizza. He said he wanted to make it all by himself. He put it in the microwave for an entire 30 seconds and took it out. He sat next to me on the couch and went to eat the pizza. Before I was even able to say anything to him, he had sauce all over his face and frozen cheese all over his shirt. I asked him if he wanted me to cook his frozen pizza for him and he said "No, it's cooked", yummy I thought.

Everyone who knows Michael know that he is always good for a laugh. Sometimes it's because he tries but often he doesn't even have to try to make us laugh. Michael being my oldest I have learned a lot from him. I have not always been the best father, and did things I have regretted, but at the end Michael has always forgiven me. Another thing about Michael he is very determined. Sometimes it's not good but in life determination is good. Michael I just wanted to let you know that I love you very much. I never consider you anything other then my son. I am proud of you.
I know you are on the right path to have a great life. I hope I live long enough to see you full fill your dreams. Congratulations on your first job. Hope you enjoy your first day of work tomorrow.

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  1. kudos to this whole family!
    you are ALL thoughtful, kind, compassionate, sincere, empathetic and entertaining! not so often you find so many really GOOD qualities in one family.
    ..i'm honored to be one of your friends!
    blessings to all of you
    and michael, you are truly a "gem" :)