Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Prayers for a family needed

I want to ask for prayers for a man, that was a good friend of my friend Dan and his wife Tina. His name is George and was the soccer coach for Dan's daughter Kesli's soccer team. He was playing soccer on a adult soccer team at the Dyer soccer arena yesterday. He collapsed and died of a heart attack while playing the game he loved and coached, he was only in his fifties. Prayers are needed for his wife Cathy, his son, daughter and for numerous family and friends of this obviously loved man. It was a sudden shock to all and it is a very hard time for family and friends. Thank you and God Bless

The following is an interview with George done 6 years ago.


  1. oh my! i am speechless but my thoughts and prayers are in full force for all those touched by this man in their life!
    each day is surely a GIFT and should never be taken for it and let those you love KNOW it every chance you get!
    may those he loved find peace as time goes on and may his memory live on in them!

  2. Of course we'll pray.

    Hey Bill, just thinkin... what are you going to name your blog when God heals you from cancer?


  3. I am thinking about "Bill's new beginning". Any suggestions? Actually as of this very moment I am cancer free but I am still in treatment. The real challenge is keeping it from coming back.