Thursday, January 26, 2012

The lastest minor set back?

I need to be careful what a write.  I think Sally has a voodoo doll hidden away somewhere.  Right after I posted my creation, I pulled a muscle in my back. Next, my brand new snow blower didn't running right.  And as soon as my back started to feel better, I started to experience pain under my rib cage.  Needless to say, I wasn't very productive. Sally ended up shoveling the drive way and washing the dishes.  She did save the mountain of clothes for me to fold when I felt better.  Saturday night, I realized my pain patches were past due to be changed and that was why I had the stomach pains.  Once, the patches kicked in I felt better.

Sometimes, I feel like Charlie Brown.  It seems no matter what I do, I can't seem to get a break.  I spent the last week and a half on the phone.  After collecting short term disability for 3 months, I am now having problems.  Last week the payment was late by almost a week.  The incorrect amount is being taken out for the last two weeks. Normally, $50 isn't such a big deal but when I am receiving very little, it's a lot to be missing. They  left me a message today,saying  it has been looked into and they resolved the problem.  Not sure what that means, but I will call tomorrow to find out since I was not home today. 

This morning I had an appointment with the oncologist followed by an infusion.  Sally did not get the chance to talk to him while I was in the hospital.  Today, she drilled him  with questions.  I am the one who is optimistic.  My wife is pessimist and always look for the bad.  She will say I walk around wearing blinders and she is being realistic.  I like my approach my better. At least I am happier not knowing the bad.  Because of Sally's pessimism, we found out the cancer is growing.  There are more lesions in the liver.  Even though I am not responding to the chemo as well as I should be, it's slowing down the growth of the cancer.  Right now that is the only option we have.  We are still hopeful the chemotherapy drug, regorafenib, will be on the market soon and I will respond well to it.  The latest information is certainty a bummer (thanks Sally) but I am still determine to not give up and fight.  Praying for a cure for cancer or at least new chemo drugs to go on the market sooner then every 5 years.  Well that is what is going on now. well tell more as if happens but, for now you  half to read the boring family stuff.

Have a good night.  Gods Blessings to you.  Bill 


  1. ya know bill, in a way, you kinda LOOK like charlie brown too! :) especially when you have that grumpy look :) :) :)

    ok soooooooooooooooo what can i say right now? not much really, i gues i will simply remind you that there are soo many people holding you close in prayer and i guarantee that we will all continue our prayer vigils for you!!!!

    one more thing....thanks for the updates and stay positive!
    blessings always, deb:)

  2. praying that the regorafenib is out soon. Keep your positive attidtude. Always in my prayers and the kids pray, too. Love you lots, Barbara