Thursday, February 2, 2012

Film Critic

I thought I would write about a movie Sally and I watched the other night. My wife rolled her eyes when she found out what I was about to  writing about.  Just to for warn, if you continue to read this, you will have wasted 5 minutes of your life. I on the other hand will waste an hour of my short life to write this. For some reason I feel the need to share, especially since Sally said it was a bad idea.   The movie we watched was "Final Destination 5" . Sally was the one who wanted to rent it to my surprise.This movie was gory, funny, disturbing, and far fetched. So in other words I enjoyed it a lot, when I was actually  in the room watching it. You know how it is. Getting munchies , bathroom breaks, checking the kids' rooms for monsters, and getting something to drink. Not to mention looking outside for no apparent reason except to think I thought I  saw something but it was just the shadow of a car and it's lights. This happens all the time. Anyway, the plot of the movie for those who haven't seen them, is someone has a premonition of something bad to happen that will kill everyone. So to save them he tells them to leave the area of doom. Anyway, he saves them and this causes a problem with the Grimm reaper so to speak. Death was cheated at that time but those who cheated it must die.   So now the group of unlucky yuppies will have to die in the order of how they died in the premonition. . When they finally realize the order of death, a few of them have died already, and the remaining are scared to death.  Get it, scared to death lol.

They all die  in the most gruesome  unimaginable ways. Why do they have to die this gruesome way? Because sick people like me think movies like this is funny. With this sequal, there was a particular scene were people talked about the order of their demise.So a girl who's turn it was to die decides to go to the optometrist obviously to have her eyes ripped out of her head. All I know, if I was in this scenario I wouldn't go to any doctor with sharp instruments laying around for my viewing. Not to mention, a construction site with all those very heavy things hanging around that can fall and squish my head. If it were me, I would wrap myself in a 100 ft of bubble wrap.  If I couldn't find that much bubble wrap, I would jump out a window so I could die on my own terms. With my luck and how weak I have become, I would take a running start of about five feet. Instead of jumping out the the window I woud hit the window and all you would hear is a a huge dink. Not really that far fetch because I do not plan anything well.  That is Sally's department.