Saturday, January 7, 2012

What I am Looking Forward to in 2012

I am looking forward to going to Heaven this year.  I am kidding or as Kaity would say "I am kitten".  I do have a lot to look forward to and death isn't one of them.

One of the biggest things I am looking forward to, is for a new chemotherapy drug to be on the market. My current treatment is just slowing down the progression of the cancer but it is not shrinking the cancer growth.  Right now there are no other options.  The FDA, recently approved  a new drug. It is not on the market as of yet but hopefully soon it will be.  My oncologist seems hopeful of the new drug helping me with my fight.

If that isn't exciting enough, both Zachary and Kaity are getting interested in sports. Kaity has been taking dance lessons since September.  I am hoping there will be a recital in the spring.  Zachary started playing basketball.  His first game is Sunday.  I watched him the other night at practice.  I must say, I was very proud of how he hustled on the court.  I can see great potential in him.  Soccer sign ups are this month.  Both little ones want to be signed up.  Zachary has played soccer for a few seasons but hasn't played for a couple of years.  He will be on a traveling team this time.  Baseball sign ups are around the corner as well.  Both want to play that as too.  I can't wait to see Kaity play T-ball.  Zach will be behind in little league because he has never played before.  I hope I can work with him so we won't be that behind.  Surprisingly, Sally is pushing Zachary to sign up for Pop Warner (football) in the fall.  At first, Zach didn't want anything to do with it but he seems open to it now.  I can't wait to watch them in all their sports.  It's going to get hectic in the Ceiga house hold but I would rather be busy with sports then doctor appointments.

I also have been approved for social security disability which won't take effect until April.  If I am not able to return back to work we should be OK financially.  Which will be nice to have a decent amount of income coming in every month.  On another note, as of the beginning of 2012 I no longer have to pay for insulin medication and diabetes testing supplies and there will be no long co-payments for my chemo infusions.  Which is all great news.  The insurance premiums went up a lot though but not having those extra expenses will save us over $300 a month.  

So there is a lot I am looking forward to.  I am remaining positive 2012 will be a good year.  It only takes one set back to turn everything around though.  But until then, I am remaining hopeful.  

I hope everyone else's 2012 is as good as I expect mine to be. Thank you and God Bless!


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  1. Bill,
    I'm so glad you have received some good news about your disability social security and insurance. It sounds like you are off to a great start for this year considering everything you have on your plate.
    I hope the good news keeps coming.