Tuesday, August 16, 2011


No PETscan today.  I feel so bad for Bill.  He was a bag of nerves this morning when he came home from work.  Rushed and took a shower and we left for the scan. When we got there he was tired and nervous. I went to register him and the receptionist looked confused.  She pulled out a stack of papers and said his appointment is for 8pm tonight.  I didn't think to ask am or pm when they called yesterday to remind us of the appointment.   Especially, since the clinic closes at 8pm and we are usually there over 2 hours for this.  The scan is done from an outside agency and they were the ones who made the appointment.  I felt bad for the receptionist since she had nothing to do with the  confusion. 

Needless to say, Bill was very perturbed with good reason. He calmed down quickly on the way to breakfast. He was upset about being late for work tonight without giving them a notice.  So he decided to go in next week instead.  I called the company to reschedule the scan.  I waited on hold for 10 minutes.  When I finally got through, he said he would call me back.  I waited and waited and finally after 2 hours he called back. In a way it was good he didn't go today.  Since, he was never given the complete prep instructions.  He is having the scan next Tuesday at 6pm. 

I really hate to see him go through all this stress again next week.  The good thing though.  He has an appointment to see the oncologist next Friday, and hopefully we can get the results then. Instead of waiting and worrying for a week or two for the results. 


  1. sounds like, in a way, it will all work out for the best! still holding him in prayers! blessings to all! deb:)

  2. hey guys, best of of luck. Give this fight all you've got and never give up.

  3. I'm praying for complete healing for you.