Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Not This Time Either

PET scan was for this evening.  Bill left work at 5, showered and left for the scan.  Same thing as last week. Except for this time I gave him a Xanax to help relax him.  We get there and have paper work to fill out. A few minutes later the tech came out to get Bill. He talked to us for a few minutes and answered my questions. This was the first time someone ever took the time to explain the  scan.  

About 30 minutes later, both Bill and the tech came walking out.  The tech said that Bill's sugar was elevated and he was not able to have the PET scan because of it.

We have to wait until tomorrow for a phone call to reschedule the appointment.  We are hoping he can have it done early Saturday morning.    Bill is doing OK.  He had a long day and is beat.  Hopefully the third time in a charm.  

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  1. i like that idea...3rd time's a charm! prayers always! what a TROOPER he is! :) blessings always! deb