Monday, April 26, 2010

My morning with Sally

I am not planning for this to be very long. I want to type this while I have both limbs and all digits in tact. After tonight, it might be a different story. I will explain in a bit. I had chemo this past Thursday. I did well with it except for being tired. Friday, Sally dragged me along to pay for the washer and dryer. By the way I got the dryer I wanted. Not that I will use it but it's cool. The inside is shinny and it opens up from the top instead of the front. Sally didn't mention she had other places on her agenda. Since we were "near" the mall we ended there. The kids outgrew their summer clothes from last year. Kaity might be able to wear her's for a little bit longer but as for Zachary we would have to grease him down and try to slide the clothes on or possibly use a full body shoe horn. Then we would have to hope and pray his clothes wouldn't split when he moved. hmmm I don't think this is going to be as short as I planned. I never realized I have so much to say. Maybe it's because I know someone will actually read this and listen. As most of the time I would be better off talking to the wall. Actually I have had many meaningful conversations with the wall if you know what I mean( no I don't answer myself) As soon as I pulled into the parking spot at the mall Sally and Kaity darted off to the mall. I knew they were goners. The thing about Sally she doesn't really shop much for herself but it's important to her for the kids to look nice. In the summer she is always having the kids change their clothes and wash their faces when they get dirty. Kaity is the one who I am worried about the most when it comes to shopping. She is very opinionated when it comes to picking out her clothes. Basically she picked out her clothes and every once in a while Sally would sneak something else in. Everything she likes is hot pink. Pink, pink, pink. I am a guy so pink isn't my favorite color to begin with but I think she is on pink over load. Kaity did pick out a brown shirt. It was a star war's shirt for Zachary. At least he will have that to wear since Sally neglected to look for him.

Friday night I was awake the entire night. I had severe gas pains. So bad that I called off work. It almost killed me to call off work. That is something that isn't in my vocabulary.

Tomorrow we are getting the washer and dryer. Plus, I am planning on cutting down the two front trees with the help of my neighbor Ryan. Hence, for the earlier statement about my arms and fingers. Sally usually takes me to work when I work days since we only have the one car. Actually I take her then she runs out of the car and switches seats to drive home. I love my wife and usually I am not embarrassed of her but when she takes me to work that is another story. I am tempted to take a picture of her one day. I would except for I don't not know how to use the camera and I am not sure what she would do to me. She can get vicious. I know it's shocking but true. In the morning when I drive to work with my wife accompany me. I am presentable with my work uniform on, teeth brushed, and hair combed. Sally rolls out the bed and leaves. The people at work have often seen her running around the car with cow pajamas on, an unmatching t- shirt (usually mine) hair uncombed, sock less and her dresser shoes that slip on. The cow pajamas are really not so bad. She has stripped bottoms that look like clown pants. Shirt tucked in the front and hanging out in the back. The topper is when she where's her shorter PJ bottoms. The ones that go up to her calf with her black dress shoes. OOOOO LA LA !

Which leads into about the drive to work this morning. I was extremely craggy this morning. Chemo and not sleeping the other night really did me in. I am driving to work and all I wanted to do was listen to the songs playing on the radio. Sally informs me she didn't go to bed until after 4 because her mind was racing. Oh no, I knew it was going to be a long drive to work. She wasn't kidding. She kept rambling all the way there about everything she was thinking about and planning. Of course I am involved with all of it or should I say doing it all. She mentioned (but left it up to me so she says) about putting down tile in the laundry room tonight after I get done cleaning it out and taking out the washer and dryer. She also mentioned about tearing down a wall in the kitchen and since we are having the kitchen ceiling repaired and painted it would be a good time to change the fan/lighting. She mention something about planting stuff and something about youtube and learning how to do something. The list went on and on. I thought it would be easier to just tear the house down and start over. I am not even sure if she took a breath during the drive. All I kept thinking was is this going to end, would it be rude if I turn up the radio because the song I like is playing, I am tired now and her planning all this stuff is making me more tired, she said it's all just ideas but are they just ideas?, am I there yet, hope I get all the green lights, why can't she think of things she can do, maybe I should have a brainstorm for "ideas" for her, I hope she doesn't expect me to remember all of this, I hope she doesn't remember all of her "ideals" either, finally I am at work, hope the machine is up and running and the bolts do not need to be changed, I hope Sally is here at 7 sharp, I hope she gets to the other side of the car without anyone seeing her and after giving her a kiss good bye I hope she realizes how much I really love her.

Please remember me and Ryan in your prayers. Cutting down the trees will be very interesting to say the least since I have never done it before and I don't think Ryan has either. (By the way another one of Sally's great ideas). While praying, pray that Sally isn't so ticked off at me where she won't keep the cold beer coming (for Ryan) and cold Dr. Pepper for me and some lunch to keep us going. The thing is at least I post my feeling and thoughts publicly for Sally and all to see. Where as for her I don't know what she is thinking most of the time and I can only imagine what she says about me when I am not around.

I am going to end this because my brain hurts now, at least what didn't get fried. Thanks for visiting and God Bless!


    did you even take a breath while you were typing this cuz i know i didn't! :)

    did you guys survive the tree cutting? hope so..
    as for remembering everything that your wife wants you to do...hey NO WORRIES it's called a honey do list and i am sure that sally has one for you..just ask her! :)

    i have a feeling if you are in trouble for ANYTHING in this blog it's the information about her pj's and her choice of shoes are a brave man sometimes bill!!!

    as always i would like to thank you for the entertainment i get each and every time i read these...i can honestly make me smile, chuckle and sometimes i LAUGH HYSTERICALLY!

    all these things to do and summer is just starting so you should be very busy in the months ahead...:) :) :)
    blessings for all of you always

  2. just wanted to say HI! :)..sooooooooo HI!:):)

  3. Hey- hope things are going well for all of you! I am approaching the 2 year cancer free date!