Sunday, April 18, 2010

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Bickerson

This past week I felt good. Still tired all the time but feeling much better then the last few weeks. I put in over 60 hours last week. This week I will most likely put in 60 hours. I have a couple of projects at work I need to work on plus I volunteered to work Thursday morning for Earth Day before I go to chemo. Friday was a going away party for James,my former boss. He took a job out of state and I wish him the best of luck. The reason why I mentioned this is because James was the one who believed in me at work. He took a risk when he hired me for a lead operator job. I believe if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be where I am at now. Most likely, I would have been of the many that were let go at work when they down sized. Thank you James.

Enough of the sappy stuff. Friday night the dryer died. Bad that we have to get a new one but good it happened right before we got our tax refund check. There goes my dreams of having the concrete porch tore up (which needs to be) and replacing it with a wooden deck. The washing machine is on it's way out to so we felt it is best to purchase both at once and while we have the cash. God does watch out for us. Yesterday, Sally informed me we are shopping for washers and dryers when I woke up. Much transpired during our little outing. So I felt it was only right to have both point of views posted. Of course my view is more accurate and I am going first because it's my blog and I am always waiting on Sally so this time she can wait for me.

Bill's point of view

The washer and dryer is Sally's thing. She is the one who uses them. I am not allowed to wash clothes. The only thing she lets me to do is get the clothes out of the dryer to fold. Maybe it's because she saw a couple not suppose to be pink shirts in my bachelor days. I would have been happier staying home clipping my toes nails then being dragged around looking at washing machines and dryers. I did get a little happier when I found out my mother in law was going to watch the kids. Not the date night I have hoped for but never the less I was able to spend some alone time with my wife. As we were walking in the first store Sally said "I don't know what we are here for". I couldn't help but laugh, washers and dryers you !#@!@#$% . I tried to be a good husband and seemed interested but as long as a washer cleans clothes and a dryer dries them that's all that matters to me. What was really on my mind was food. I just got off working midnights and I had not eaten in several hours. I was hoping Sally would suggest we go out to eat. Not to often we go with out kids. It would be nice to go some where without having a beverage being knocked over. In my opinion we were done after the salesman showed us a washer and dryer. It looked fine to me. I knew Sally will have to look at every store and then knowing her she will go back to the first place and buy the first one we looked at. She does this all the time. I was just thinking of her when I suggested lets order it and be done. Her time is precious and the money we save on gas she can go and have her toes painted.

When we walked out she asked if I was hungry. I tried playing it cool and mentioned about going to other stores. She said we could eat first (which is what I was hoping for). We went to IHOP. I can never go wrong with IHOP. My mature wife blew the paper off the straw and it hit me. So being the mature person I was, I went to return the favor but my wife who usually isn't a quick thinker like myself, ducked and the straw paper hit the lady behind her, right in the ear. So being the quick thinker I was, I Said honey why did you do that. Not realizing that Sally's back was to the lady and I still had the straw in my mouth.(I had the Deer in the headlights type moment). Sally kicked me in the shin. I am waiting for the bruise to surface. I know there is going to be a big bruise. It took awhile for dinner. I decided I would make this a nice evening for Sally. Sally wasn't doing much talking (I know that is a surprise) so I decided to be my charming self and carry on the conversation. She often just gave me glares. Everyone else enjoys my conversations and thinks I am a funny guy.
Everyone except for my wife. I just don't understand why. No beverages were knocked over but Sally did manage to get food on her shirt(I think that was going to be the take home for the kids). After dinner or breakfast because we ate breakfast but it was at dinner time. So do I call it breakfast or dinner? We went to 3 more stores. I was supportive of Sally as we continued our quest to look at washers and dryers. I often gave her my input. I held her hand, opened the door and even tried to give her a kiss every now and then. Every store we went to we walked out of the "entrance" only section. I was waiting for us to be arrested for breaking the store "law". After all that had transpired yesterday we are no closer to picking out a washer and dryer. She did say if she finds a pink washer and dryer she is buying that one no matter what. The plan is to go looking again tomorrow. I am looking forward to spending time with my lovely wife and daughter. Hopefully, I will get lunch out of it. By the way my wife who is supposed to love me always has been telling me all weekend she hates me.

Sally's version

Yes I am the one who washes clothes. But it's a major purchase and I think the decision should be a joint one. If not down the road if something happens I will hear "Honey you picked it out". Plus, I am more price conscious then Bill is. I picked out the oven/stove based on price. I regret it now. I don't want to pick something out hasty and regret it. If we are lucky we will be stuck with it for many years. As we were walking in the first store I started to say "I am not sure what I am looking for" before I was able to finish saying "in a washer and dryer". Bill cut me off by laughing at me and calling me a dumb ass. By the way dumb ass is his pet name for me lately. Can you believe that? I never bought a washer and dryer before so I am clueless what to look for. Unlike Bill, I try to make an informed choice so I takes me awhile to purchase an item of importance. I am sure when he bought the washer and dryer he went to one store and walked out in matter of minutes with a sale receipt. OK the washer and dryer did last for over 15 years but he got lucky. This is the guy who bought a brand new car without test driving it. It's the same guy who would order things off the TV because they looked "neat". After the first store I knew he was hungry so we went out to dinner.
By the way I didn't kick him hard in the shin. It was more like a tap. He liked to over exaggerate if you haven't noticed by now. The entire time we were there he was laughing at himself. I never knew someone who could entertain themselves as easily as Bill can. It continued in the car he would say something and then laugh at what he had said. Often he would make hand jesters which would make himself laugh even more. At one store while I was reading the info on a machine he kept talking about how shiny the chrome was on a different machine. It seemed the only thing that matter to him was the color, if it was cool, and how much it shined when he opened it up. Needless to say he wasn't very much help.

Zachary and Kaity were waiting for us. They both received a Target gift card for their birthdays and wanted to spend it. We finally got to my mom's a little after 8. Zachary asked if we were going to Target, I joked around and said they were closed. When I got into the car, Zachary was sobbing and Bill was laughing. I asked what was going on. I found out Zachary believed me and thought Target was closed. Bill knowing this decided not tell Zachary other wise and it was more entertaining to let Zachary be upset.

We are going back tomorrow but since Bill isn't much help I am going to rely on consumer reports to help me make a decision. Oh my gosh I need to finish. My "adult" husband just walked in the kitchen to get the scissors to cut open Kaity's princess birthday balloon. He claimed Kaity told him to. The real reason is because he wanted to use the helium to talk funny. Yet, his story is more accurate.

Bill gets the last word.

It's my blog so I get the last word. There are a few things I need to correct my dear wife. You are wrong and I am right . You really need to quit telling stories. As far I my washer and dryer goes, I wasn't the only one who picked it out, but yes it was at the only place we went to. The color wasn't the only thing I was looking at. It had to look cool too and have a lot of controls that made look even cooler.
I told Zach that when we picked him and Kaity up , that if his mother doesn't hurry the Target will be closed. She was talking to her mom while we were waiting in the car. I just exagerated the time target closed slightly. I told Zach that Target was closing at 8:30 and it was 8:20 at the time. When in reality they were closing at 10.
Yes, I did test my Grand Am when I bought it. It was the coolest looking black Grand Am with the coolest looking controls. As far as her little tap. Yeah with steel toes.
Me laughing at myself, everyone in the stores thought I was funny. I know this cause they were laughing at me too. No I mean laughing with me. Oh boy, maybe they were laughing at me. Well I'll never see them again.

This is my story and I am sticking to it unless I change my mind. Thanks for visiting and God Bless you all.


  1. I wasn't talking about the pontiac. You bought a Saturn too. Do you remember test driving the Saturn? I bet you don't since you didn't test drive it.

  2. Test drive it , I could could barely fit in it. I bought the car for my future wife in mind.I got you away from the Horizon didn't I.

  3. as always bill and sally, YOU MAKE ME SMILE!
    and i can relate to both of you for different reasons.....:)
    to sally i say that i can completely understand the need to shop around and get the best deal there is when it comes to a major appliance..i would like to share with you that grants on 30 has pretty good prices and in my opinion they were helpful and honest! we bought a dishwasher there and my oldest and her husband just bought a stove and refrigerator there and they too were very happy with the service and price.
    i would be happy to go with you if you'd like and you could just leave the kids home with bill:) :) :)
    oh bill i have to admit i am learning that you probably do s-t-r-e-t-c-h the truth once in awhile..:)
    still i think the two of you are surely a match made in heaven and you have a sense of humor that is more of a blessing than a curse..keep smiling!
    blessings for always