Sunday, April 4, 2010

Noooooooo, not yet!!!

I have been doing very well except, I just feel like I am not getting enough sleep. I try to keep busy doing things so that I don't fall asleep but, that kinda defeats the purpose of needed rest. At least most of the other effects are at a minimal, so that I can deal with.

I hope everyone had a Happy and Blessed Easter. We started our Easter by going to the Saturday Mass at St. James. We went last year and really enjoyed it. It's about two hours long but a really nice service. I really liked the music that they had. We will try and do this every year I hope. Earlier in the day there was a Easter Egg hunt at Griffith's Central Park. It's nice how it is set up with the ages. There are three groupings with 0-4, 5-7 and 8-12 years olds. I stayed with Zach and the 8-12 year olds and Sally with Kaity and the 0-4 year olds. The count down started at 10 going down to zero or we hoped. It got to 7 and then the 0-4 year olds took off and started to grab all the eggs as a few of the ones who were actually waiting to go stood there in disbelieve at the kaos that has started. So I started back to see what happened and where my daughter was in all of this. These were the youngest kids so I know it was actually the parents that had the kids take off early (come on it isn't like there was money in the eggs, just candy uuummmm maybe I could see that now). I saw That Sally had Kaity by the hood of her jacket as she tried to get away. I was glad that Sally was trying to teach Kaity to be a leader and not a follower. Then I thought let her go let her go, they are getting all the candy that I ,I mean Kaity deserves. That is why I married Sally. She will instill values in our kids while I am a little corrupt. It was like a shark feeding frenzy. You hear the lady in charge over the microphone saying no, get back get back. Than all the other ages took off. Again the lady was saying get back get back. I was thinking good luck. Then there were kids piling on each other. I could just see the riot that was about to happen because of those 0-4 year old trouble makers. Kids were ripping eggs out of other kids hands and taking them out of there baskets. I had to tell Kaity a few times Kaity give them back or the Easter Bunny won't come.. I could just see the police come in with mace and tear gas to calm things down . I haven't seen things this bad since the na na da poo poo days of the past Summer (Read earlier blogs). Only a few kids were lead away in hand cuffs(only kidding). It was pretty crazy and quite entertaining. Can't wait till next year and will bring the mace.

I forgot to mention about the play that Sally and I saw in February called" Noises Off". To be honest there isn't a whole lot I could say. I just got the pump taken out and wasn't feeling that great. I was sitting next to a lady that I think bathed in perfume. I could take the smell of perfume but this nice lady literally had a mist floating around her. Sally told me that the people next to her had it on heavy too. I really wanted to watch the play. The play at first started out a little slow but, started to get interesting and funny. I tried really hard to stay and Sally knew I was miserable. She told me that we could maybe go to Baker's Square and get a piece of pie if I wanted too. I shot out of that chair like a pop tart in a toaster and said let's go. I sure hope that nice ladies toes are ok.

Thank you for visiting and God Bless you all. The next blog will have some tidbits from Zach.

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