Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jumping for Joy?


I am still alive and well. Our family computer is being repaired. I do not like to use the net book because my eyes are going bad (side effect from chemo) plus my stubby chubby fingers have a difficult typing on a small compact key board. I will go back to writing my famous blogs and posting pictures of my crazy family soon. I have been keeping notes. I have enough material to write for awhile

I have been busy with work. Working extra hours to stay on top of the bills. I am still tired all the time from chemo but I do not have the leg cramping, tingling, and nausea any longer. Sally still has a four page "to do list" posted on the fridge for me not to forget. I try covering it up with lovely art work from Zach and Kaity but it still manages to get uncovered. I had the past weekend off. I didn't do anything on the to do list but I did do a lot with the kids. Doing things with the family is the only way I can avoid the list without getting deadly glares from the wife.

Today has been a very good day for me. That is the main reason for me to write the blog today. I huge cloud has been lifted but it put my life back in perspective again. Sometimes we need a kick to remember what is important in life. At the end of April I wasn't feeling so well. I had some issues with my stomach. One night I was up the entire night with stomach pains. It was so bad I had to call off from work which is something I don't do. I was feeling better but the wife doesn't let anything go. At the chemo session she had to tell the nurse. Who in returned told the doctor who in turned ordered a CT scan. I had to wait for almost another 2 weeks to find out there is a spot on my liver. To be honest, that was very frightening to hear. A lot of things flashed through my mind and I had a long talking with God. The following Monday I had a MRI done. During it I felt at peace and the worrying went away. I realized a lot of things that I wanted to learn from getting cancer I had forgotten. It was a reminder again to me to re-evaluate my life and remember what is important.

I had to wait almost another 2 weeks for the MRI results. Oddly, it was easier waiting for the MRI results then the CT results. This afternoon I had the appointment with the doctor during the infusion. The nurse put us in a room and told us there was one patient before me. Sitting in the 12x12 room waiting for the results is awful. Especially when I am kept waiting, waiting,and waiting some more. The longer I wait the more nervous I become. The longer I am sitting there, the more my mind wonders how awful the news is. This time was different. I think the culprit was that I was watching "People's Court". It was a very good case. Right before the ruling and I was dragged to the doctor's office. Leaving my mind wondering what happened with the case. Instead of worrying about the results I was more perturbed about not knowing what happened. I told Sally to go ahead, that I will be in when this case is over. She than gave me the look,(married men you know what I mean)coming dear As I was sitting in the chair I noticed a window. I have been in the room several times but today I noticed this full body length window with no bar. I thought it is a little peculiar to have such a large window in an oncologist office. Which made me wonder if anyone ever contemplated jumping out the window when they heard bad news. While I was staring at the window I noticed an oxygen tank on the floor next to the window. Which made me wonder if that is there to help the person break the window if they want to jump. Then I looked at the examination bed which is in front of the window. It is slanted which looks to me like a diving board. I thought "Wow!" the perfect plan. A person gets the bad dreaded news and all they have to do is grab the oxygen tank, jump on the table and dive out the window. Hopefully they won't blow up before they fall 3 stories. It kept me entertained for awhile. Then the room got silent again and the nervous waiting began. Finally (not soon enough) the doctor came into the room. He said that he looked over the films himself and talked with the radiologist. He is 99% sure the spot in the liver is scar tissue. What a big relief. While Sally and I were walking to the car a board up service truck pulled up to the clinic( honestly one did show, I did feel this a little ironic). I felt that maybe I should show them where the room is. We couldn't help but laugh. I told the doctor my thoughts about the window but I never thought he would respond that fast and have the window boarded up. I am sure the trucks wasn't there for that window but it was funny to see the truck there.

I go back to work tomorrow, working the midnight shift. I work through the weekend. The wife threatened so hire a service to mow the lawn. I do not like how Michael cuts it and Sally has asthma really bad. They are forbidden to cut the grass. So I need to get to bed so I can wake up bright eyed and bushy tale to mow the yard. Last week the front yard was so long my neighbor got tired of looking at it and mowed it.

Wanted to share my good news with you.
God Bless,


    it's wonderful news! the power of prayer!!!!
    i know you are held in the prayers of so many too and i am certain that your "chats" with God are helpful to you on many levels...keep talking to Him..he knows your heart like no other!
    blessings for always


  3. Thank you Deb,
    Sally and I had a wonderful day and its all not over yet. I still owe her a movie and who knows.