Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bad bad wife

Today, I had an infusion treatment. It's been a month since my last treatment and over 2 months since I had the chemo pump to wear at home. I was afraid this treatment would be hard on me. I left the clinic just 2 hours ago and I am already starting to feel some side effects. My chest feels very heavy and I am extremely tired. I figured I will write tonight because I am not sure how I will be feeling tomorrow. Plus I have something fresh on my mind I would like to share. My supposedly loving and adoring wife abandoned me at chemo today. She chose our 7 year old son over me. I sat there alone and waited and waited for her to show. She said she was going to do a little shopping at Target which is next door. I thought maybe she would be gone an hour at the very most. Unfortunately for me, one hour turned into two and two turned into three. I sat there sad and lonely, wondering if she would ever return, realizing now that I may be an orphan. I was left there to sit there and ponder how will I get home if she didn't pick me up. Plus, I was wondering how could she choose Zachary over her handsome, sexy, hardworking, compassionate, understanding, sexy, devoted, sexy and ect, ect.............. husband. She did manage to call me and tell me Zachary had called her (by the way he has memorized mine, Sally's and Michael's cell phone numbers) crying because he missed her. So she left to be with him.When ever I call her sobbing saying how I need her and miss her, all I ever get is get over it. I was almost in tears and had nurse Angela almost in tears telling her how sad and lonely I was. I work hard to bring home a pay check so Sally can go out to lunch with her friends, eat chocolate bon-bons, read romance novels( she isn't even a book reader), relax at the spa, take long bubble baths( even though she doesn't like baths she prefers showers), and lives a life of a queen in a cardboard box for a house), And how does she reward me? She ditches me. My eyes and nose are red and swollen for the river of tears that are streaming down my face( not from the booze that I have been sneaking-please don't tell my devoted compassionate and loving until today wife). But yet, I know she has everyone fooled and no one is going to believe how terrible she is to me. Please keep this quiet, I don't want to get locked up any more.

Enough about my pathetic life and being second class to my wife. I think everyone enjoys the stories about our kids better. The other day we were talking and Sally mentioned she hated her name because it's old fashion and very few people in her age group have her name. She told Zachary that is why we gave him a cool name. Zach said he didn't like his name(" Oh hell no", I said to myself). Sally asked him what he wished his name would be. Zach replied "Big Belly Button". He honestly said this and I don't know why. The next day I addressed Zach as Big Belly Button and he got mad at me. This happened about a week ago or so. I would every once in awhile address him as big Belly Button. So today Zach was playing with some of his Christmas presents that he got. A Star Wars light sabre and a Star wars gun that he got from our family friends Ron and Lynn. Zach was twirling his Sabre and shooting his gun. He was really getting into it. I had to say "Hey,Big Belly Button tone it down a little bit, you might break something". He came to me and said that he was "Master Zach" and preceded to clock me in the melon with his light sabre(he didn't hit me hard)." Why did you do that"? "Cause I am Master Zach. I'm going to have to remember that so I don't get beat up any more.

Kaity keeps getting cuter and cuter. Just when I think she can't get any cuter she does. We no longer help Kaity with her showers.Most kids her age and a little older will play in the shower. She takes her shower time quite seriously. In fact she cleans herself better then we would. She cleans herself better then I clean myself. She scrubs every nook and cranny of her body even the bottom of her feet and under arms. She is so clean we could serve our food on her instead of our fine china (she is probably cleaner then our fine china, if we had fine China).
Sally and I took her and her baby doll out for lunch today. We usually go out for lunch or breakfast depending on my appointment time. She kept asking me "Do you like it?" after each bite I had. Remember how Kaity pulled grandma's baby lashes out? Well..... Sally was in the shower and when she came out Kaity was sitting in the living room on the floor with her doll. She had scissors in her hand. Sally looked down and there was clumps of hair on the carpet. Sally said "Kaity no! That is naughty!" Sally grabbed the doll to see how much damage was done. The doll was from Santa and Santa (Sally) spent hours researching dolls to make sure she gets the "right" one. Sally is more attached to the dolls then Kaity is. I would not be surprised if I found out she played with the dolls when no one is looking. Sally realized the doll's hair was fine which meant one thing. It was Kaity's hair. Kaity was crying and crying. She buried her head into Sally and then she ran to her crib and wanted to take a nap. I was working midnights but I woke up to Kaity's pathetic cry. Before she climbed in the crib she cuddled up to me and sobbed. During this time Sally was trying to examine the damage. Every time Sally would touch Kaity's hair she would get a clump of hair. Kaity finally had enough of Sally touching her hair and talking about it she pushed Sally away, climbed into her crib, buried her face with a blanket and cried herself to sleep. She did cut a bunch of hair but she did it in such away, it's unnoticeable to everyone else except for her mother who still makes comments every time she combs her hair .

I work this weekend. Sally and I have tickets to see "Noises Off "at the preforming Arts Center in Munster on Saturday night. Take Care and God Bless you all. I want to say thanks for all the words of encouragement from the friends and family that have been there and my new Facebook friends and the ones that I have reconnected with from past friendships and the good old high school days at Bishop Noll.

Sorry that there hasn't been any pictures posted as of late. Sally is having trouble with her computer. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.


  1. i think you should write a book! :) you have enough material in your house alone! :) keep smilin..blessings to all