Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hide your dolls!!!

I promised I had a good story about Kaity last time. Well... Sally's mom had to watch Kaity back to back a couple of weeks ago. The first day she was there, Mary let Kaity play with one of her "special" baby dolls. She left the doll out for Kaity to play with the next day. Kaity was in the front room playing with the babies. She was very quiet so Mary thought it was a good idea to check on her( when a child is to quiet, it is time to investigate and hope it isn't to late). Kaity was on the couch with her back turned to Mary. When she saw Mary, Kaity bent over tried to cover up her wonderful handy work. Which was removing one by one all of the baby's eye lashes. Of course she couldn't do it to her much less expensive doll, she had to wait for Grandma's costly baby. Grandma of course was shocked to see and yelled a little. Kaity was heart broken. How could grandma yell at me, I am the cute one? She sat there with her head buried in the couch and sobbed. Silly Grandma felt bad and tried to bribe Kaity with candy, which didn't work. Grandma sat on the other end of the couch crying as well. Finally, Kaity realized the TV was on and turned her attention to the TV. She slowly started to be back to normal. Three days later, Kaity had to go to Grandma's again to be watched. Usually she loves to go there and doesn't want to go home. This time she said "Nooooooo!" "Grandma mean". Then she said baby and pointed to her eyes. Sally and I couldn't help but laugh at her. On the way there Sally told her to be good or she was going to pull out Kaity's eye lashes if she wasn't good. Kaity started to cry and covered her eyes. Now she will laugh when we mention it but she was scarred for a couple of days. We have to find a doll hospital so we can get Mary's doll repaired.

Right now our computer is on the fritz. Kaity turned the electrical strip off for the computer. Ever since, the computer is not running right. When we get the computer fixed I am hoping we can post a sound clip from Zachary's DSI. Zachary was recording and wanted to record Kaity. He kept telling his little sis to "say something" and then she would respond "say something". He would say," no Kaity Say something", again Kaity would respond," say something".After about ten minutes he started to get frustrated and moved on to making more weird recordings of himself and left Kaity out of it.

As for me, I am doing the same since last time which is good. I had the weekend off. I spent much of yesterday cleaning up around the house. Sally and two of her sisters went to a home party. Afterwards, they were going to have a couple of drinks. Sally told me that I should come meet them at the bar, so I could "pick her up". I get to the bar and she isn't there. I was standing there waiting and waiting. Finally, one of her sisters , Stacie came in and "picked" me up instead. After the first drink the sisters decided it was time to switch bars. So we went down the street. It's amazing what is revealed by 3 sisters who had a couple of drinks. I thought I knew everything about Sally and I was wrong. Some info I could have lived without.

Tonight, Zachary and I watched the Super Bowl. I had a feeling the Saints would win. It didn't matter to me either way which team won. I felt both teams were deserving to win. Sally made home made pizza and tempura vegetables for us. Even though she isn't a sports fan she wanted to make tonight special since last year I was in the hospital during the Super Bowl recovering from colon surgery.


  1. Saints won because Manning is a LOSER. He wouldn't have even one Superbowl win if it hadn't been for the Bears.

    Manning falls to the ground every time the defense gets close to him.

  2. oh wow! i sense alittle oh i don't know..
    anger? hostility?
    definately SOMETHING going on here...

  3. Manning left the field without congratulating the Saints players. What a crybaby! I mean seriously, what's up with this guy? The most watched football game of all time, and he storms off the field like a 10-year-old. He should be happy for the Saints!

  4. there are two sides to every story..


    H-A-P-P-Y- B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y TOOOOOOO Y-O-U!!!!
    wishing you a day full of endless blessings and a lifetime filled with good health..
    happy birthday bill

  7. Thank you all of you for all the well wishes. If it weren't for you and the Grace Of God, I wouldn't be here right now. You have all definately help me conquer this illness, but the fight contiues and I still need all of you to follow me into battle to win the war.
    I want thank my family for always being there for me and helping me through this. I know it is hard sometimes to be with a man that is falling apart, but a better and more powerful (not to mention sexier) man will be born!!