Saturday, February 20, 2010

I am 45 years old now and proud of it!

It's funny how a little word like cancer can have such a huge impact on how you perceive life. When I turned 30, I thought I was old. When I turned 40, I was like I'm going to die soon( how little did I know how true that almost could have been). I didn't think I would live to be 40 honestly because I was sort of the wild child in my earlier days.I liked to go out with the boys.Hey,wait a minute the ladies too. Lets not forget about the ladies. I often look back and can't believe how I survived my stupidity at times. 40 seemed to be old and I felt life was down hill after that. Then I was diagnosed with the dreaded cancer. For sure 40's suck. But now I am glad to celebrate another birthday. I am looking forward to turning 50 and the 60's and even the 70's don't look so bad seeing how well my mom and mother in law are doing. Not to forget how I would like to be around to see how my kids turn out and I how I did as a parent raising them. Although I do have soon not so good news for Zach , that I willmention in a later blog. So hold on to your hats or ear muffs or whatever you have on your head.

My birthday always brings a lot of memories. Good and bad but I welcome them both. The good times reminds me on how lucky I am. The bad memories are just learning lessons that make me even more grateful for the good times. When I was young and foolish I got married on my birthday. I will never recommend to anyone on getting married on their birthday. The marriage was short lived and she was out by my next birthday( it was all her). I actually proposed to Sally the day before my birthday. It wasn't that I was trying to create new memories to wipe out my failed marriage. My birthday is 3 days before Valentine's Day which is the time everyone expects to be proposed to. Sally and I rarely talked about marriage. I did propose to her a month after we started dating but she just laughed at me, but I was serious. We were dating for over a year so I figured she might be expecting a ring on Valentines Day and I wanted to really surprise her. I put an add in the Times news paper and ask her and Micheal if they would marry me.I was hoping she would read it with me( my brother Mike did the same thing, that's how original I am). Instead someone at her work saw it and cut it out and put it on the time clock so she knew before I had a chance to get on one knee and show her the paper. I was the one with the surprise. Thank God, I was able to spare my knee.

Last year on my birthday was hard for me. I was given my dreaded diagnoses and prognoses a week before my birthday. Plus I was in a lot of pain from just being cut opened. I wondered if being 44 would be it for me. I must admit though I did get better gifts last year. I even had a cake plus cup cakes. Did I ever mention that I like cake.

This year my birthday was peaceful. Michael treated me to breakfast at Round the Clock. I had an omelete that was as big as a small island.I couldn't finish it. As I was eating it there was a lady watching me. I was thinking that I still have it, if I ever had it. This was going on for a while. I thought that she was admirring the masterpiece on my plate or the handsome chap eating the masterpiece. Before Michael and I left, I went in the restroom to clean my hands. I was in front of the mirror rinsing my hands when I noticed a catsup spot on my shirt( I like to mix catsup with my eggs). Now at that point I think I know what the lady was looking at. I went home to never be seen again ay least not there for a while. I later had to go to my mother in law's and shoveled her neighbors sidewalk, waering a ski as not to be reconized. When I finished I went home and took a nap. Sally and I later that night went to see "The Blind Side" followed by dinner at Giovonni's. They have the best spaghetti I have ever eaten. While we were waiting to order an older couple was seated at a table near us. They caught are attention because of the way they presented themselves they looked well to do and the fact they were pickering with each other. It kinda reminded me of ummmm, me and Sally,minus the well to do part. After hearing the waitress talk to them we realized the woman was Jewell Cadet who owns Rogers & Hollands jewelry stores.( Rogers and Hollands jewelry creations for now and forever) After dinner we went home and I had my cake and ice cream. Most people look forward to presents on their birthday for me it's the cake and ice cream part. Sally made a banana cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting. She served it with my favorite rock road ice cream. It was delicious.

God Bless you all and hope you liked this weeks blog. Next posting will be Thursday or Friday. Thank you for visiting.


  1. no bill...thank YOU!
    as always your blogs make me smile!
    hope all is well..
    blessings for always

  2. by the way...THANKS!
    i haven't stopped singing the rogers & hollands theme song for a full day now!

  3. Hey= happy birthday! And many more your way- just getting re caught up on your blog and wanted to know if they found out anything about Katye's leg pains?

    I cleared all tests in Feb, including a colonoscopy- wow, now I don't have to have one for 3 years! How great is that?