Thursday, March 11, 2010

How can you call it a cake walk without cake! Title two: "Bedtime for Salzo "

Today I had Chemo and it didn't go exactly well. I was getting some on and off dizziness, not nausea but, dizziness.That was kinda frustrating for me.My side effects with this new preventative treatment is better for the most part. My tingling in my mouth when I drink something cold isn't nearly as bad. So I think this summer will be better,as long as I could drink the cold liquids. Last summer was bad as far as that went. I always had to wait to drink or eat cold things until about 4 days before my next treatment. My numbness in my hands and feet is a little better. Although I do feel that it easier for me to have minor hand injuries.I will explain later what I mean some other day. This is going to be a long blog. It was a little at chemo too ,because most of the other patients were just getting shots or just went to see the Doctor and left. So I was mainly the only one there for four hours all by myself. I did all that I could not to tear up. Sally was gone to get our plates for our car. When she did return, she did not fail me. I was not bored no more. Sally was at my rescue. She came and we just talk a little and then she fell asleep in one of the Chemo beds. You could imagine what that did to my self esteem.I quickly got over my esteem issues when I started hearing what sounded like farm animals. Mostly sounds of pigs. I looked over at Sally and couldn't believe it was coming from her. Of course I had to share in my joy. I tried to get Angela, Stacey and Goody's attention but, they were to busy in another room to share in my joy of laughing at my near perfect(?) wife? So I was still all alone. Get over it I thought to myself. The only thing missing was the drool.
I wanted to make a quick mention that Kaity isn't having as many issues with the pain in her hands and legs. We still haven't heard anything from the Doctor. Sally and I both think it may be some sort of arthritis. Now that is is getting warm her problems have lessen. I want to thank everyone for all the prayers for my little girl,God Bless you all.
This past weekend was Zach's birthday (Sunday). I wanted to make his Birthday special,so that is why I haven't posted in awhile. On Friday was Zachary's fun fair at his school.There was numerous things for the kids to do, like the cake walk, oh yeah! I coax Zachary to the cake walk. I was walking with Kaity at my side and Zach walking on his own. I didn't want to look at the prize delicacies so I would be pleasantly surprised if we won. I knew that Zach being the special boy that he was plus he was getting his own cake made by his mom, would undoubtedly let me pick out the cake. Kaity and I only went around 5 times and we won. I couldn't control my joy. Basically what I am saying is I was embarrassing myself.You don't see a adult man clicking his heals together like Ron Santo did in 1965 to often if at all and most of us knows what happened after that.. After the applause I worked my way to the cake table like Ralphie did in a Christmas Story after he wrote his essay on the Red Rider BB Gun. I looked at the table and my pleasantly surprise turned to you gotta be kidding me.Who took the cake. All they had was cookies,rice krispie treats ,brownies and Hostess Cakes(?). I grabbed a baggy that had 3 cookies in it. I had to make a important decision on what to do now. So I got back in line so I could be pleasantly you gotta be kidding me again. Zaity and I went around about another 6 times and won again, Zach was still winless.I had Kaity pick something out this time. Guess what she picked, cookies. They were chocolate chocolate chop cookies, good choice Zach finally won after going around for about 50 times. He went and picked out cookies on a stick. After the cake walk Zach wanted to go elsewhere and play some games and do other things.He wanted to make a sand bracelet. He was standing in line when a guy with 4 kids jumped ahead of Zach. So I did the first thing that came to me. A gave the guy a mean look. Good thing he wasn't looking at me. He no doubt would of ran out of there screaming. I saved him some embarrassment because his kids were there so I didn't press the issue. I am normally a nice guy by nature.

Sunday was Zachary's 8th Birthday. He wanted bacon and bagels for breakfast so that is what the master received. He had Faith Formation in the morning and we went to mass afterwards Kaity was crabby so we took a break in Zach's "fun" day so she could have a nap. Zach didn't mind because he was anxious to play with his new Star Wars lego set. We also got him an electric scooter but UPS didn't deliver it until the day after. After Kaity's nap we took the kids to the movies. We saw "Alvin and the Chipmunks". The movie kept Zachary's full attention. Sally and my attentions were mostly focused on Kaity. We enjoyed watching her watching the movie. Seeing her eyes lit up and dancing to the music. After the movie the master chose "Tylers Tenders" for dinner. It's one of those places the food is so-so but the kids really love the atmosphere which makes up for the mediocre food. We sat up at the counter so we could have our food delivered by the train. Afterwards, Kaity and Zachary went on a train ride. They both wanted to ride in front. Zach wanted to play with the bell and Kaity just sat there with a huge smile on her face. On the way home we stopped to pick up the masters ice cream. I was hoping he would choose rocky road or something with chocolate but he picked out "take the cake" ice cream to go with his banana birthday cake. Before he went to bed he kept thanking us and told us he had a great day. It made me a proud dad. I hope he remembers this birthday. I am hoping to get the computer fixed so I can start posting pictures again. My nephew will be home from school for a week so we are hoping
he will want to come over to look at it.
I hope the next blog won't take me as long to post. Isn't the waiting worth it though(be nice ).
Thanks for visiting and god bless you all!


  1. I love your blog Bill- you make me chuckle and that is good.


  2. TRULY your blog is worth waiting for as it always entertains!
    so happy that zach (and dad i think:) had such a great birthday filled with sweet treats:)
    you are very fair bill about whom you pick on in your blog:) poor sally! it's nice that you share the embarrassment equally i think:)
    blessings to all and continued prayers for all of you!