Sunday, October 11, 2009

What a difference a week makes. I feel like a new person. Work was much easier on me this week. I wasn't as drained and tired. I still had some difficulties with food but I managed. I will be enjoying the next few days until Thursday. That is when I will have chemo again. It seems like as time goes on each chemo sessions gets harder then the last one for me. However, knowing there isn't to many left makes it easier to get through.

It has been an uneventful week with me working midnights this past week. Yesterday, I came home from work with no where to sleep in my bed. My bed was taken over by Zachary. So after my shower I went to sleep on the couch. Zach and Kaity woke up and turned on the TV. I was to tired to go in my bed so I laid on the couch. I was expecting to hear cartoons but what I was listening to instead was a info commercial. I managed to pry one eye open and I saw Zach and Kaity trying to work out to the info commercial for the Firm aerobic workout. I asked him what we was doing and he said he was exercising. He went up to me and said "Look I am skinny now". Then he went and switched the channel and started watching a cooking show.

After a few hours of sleep, I woke up and Sally was getting ready to run a few errands. I decided I go with her to spend some time with my lovely. The next thing I know all the kids were getting in the car even Michael. No sooner as we pulled out of the car I heard "I am hungry are we going to get something to eat?" Here I was thinking my kids wanted to spend time with their dear old dad and then I discovered it was food that played a role for the oldest one to go. Then I was thinking well the other 2 still love their dad. No sooner we got to the mall I discovered I was betrayed by my other son. His ulterior motive was to buy rocks with the money he had gotten from the tooth fairy. After that let down I comforted myself knowing that my baby girl wanted to go to spend time with her daddy. No sooner I realized she was just like the other 2. She wanted to go because she wanted a pair of pink fuzzy boot slippers. She knows that her daddy couldn't say no when looking at her big blue eyes and her little sad pout on her face after Sally said "No!". After the kids got what they wanted, they wanted to leave. No one wanted to walk around the mall with me. It was a sad drive home. I took the little traitors home and we got the 2 little ones in bed. Sally and I went to Stracks and Walgreens. When I came home I checked on them. Kaity was sound a sleep wearing her new slippers. Zachary was sleeping sitting up in his room. Sally and I have been on his case for him to clean his room. Sally even grounded him from playing outside until he picked up his room. Every time he is in his room "cleaning" it ends up messier. He has 2 bunk beds that are filled with clutter so he sleeps on his floor. He lost his "sleeping" section on the floor and had to resort to sleeping sitting up. I will have to cave in and clean his room again for him, Sally helps with the clothes part but because of her allergies she can't stay in his room very long.

This morning I went to mass with the kids. Sally went to her mom's to cook for her mom's 70th birthday party. Mary's birthday was October 2nd. Sally and her sisters and their families were able to get together today to celebrate their mom's birthday. Sally baked dinner rolls and made lemon rice soup and stuffed green pepper soup. Her sisters brought split pea soup, potato soup, tortellini soup, home made apple sauce, and a salad with Olive Garden dressing. The lunch was good but I had my heart set on the second course. We also celebrated Sally's nephew's 14th birthday as well. While they were singing "Happy Birthday" all I could think about was the two containers ice cream on the counter. Which one should I have Cookie Dough or Dulce Leche. Then what cake should I have with it. Atomic or chocolate? I almost broke out in a sweat trying to decide, I was so confused. I made the right choice. I finally decided on atomic cake with Dulce Leche ice cream. It was really good except I had to eat the ice cream really slow because of it being cold. As long as I eat it slow , I can tolerate the cold better.

Tomorrow I have off. Not sure what I will do. I want to start decorating the yard for Halloween. Zachary has been wanting me to have lunch with him at school. I want to go and have my pre- chemo blood work done but not sure if it would be to early. There is also Zach's room that needs to be cleaned so he can lay down and sleep. Sally wouldn't be herself without having her wish list as well. She wants me to fertilized the yard. She also mentioned that I should go to the Cancer Resource Center and check it out. She talked about getting pumpkins as well. So what will I do? I have decided not to plan anything and be spontaneous (which drives Sally nuts when I do this).

I am watching a good movie right now. It's called "Gifted Hands". So I am ending the blog so I can pay attention to the movie.

Take care and God Bless.


  1. oh i am just LOVING those pink slippers/boots on kaity in the above picture!
    is zach really sleeping in that picture cuz he looks like he's yawning to me..:)
    how many chemo sessions do you have left? you have surely been a trooper about all of this..seriously!
    well i wonder, did you get some decorations up? not sure why it is that i can picture you, zach and michael outside scaring kids on halloween!!!! :)
    well you (all of you) remain constantly in my thoughts and prayers..
    blessings for always,
    ps good to see you sunday! :)

  2. Bill, I heard your beloved Cubs filed for bancrupcy today. Now what?

  3. Kaity was wearing slippers, Zachary was yawning but, sleeping peacefully. I have 5 more reg.sessions and 6 more with a less chemo cocktail and no pump.I got my Holloween decorations up today and yes, we love to scare the neighborhood kids
    As far as the cubs go,they are in this mess because of the Tribune company that owns them.Chapter 11 is a reorganizational or reconstructuring loan. The debtor or the cubs will stay in control of the business.The will be able to acquire loans and finacing on favorable terms be giving new lenders first prioity on business earnings , so on and so for. The cubs are still one of the top ten in all of sports in product sales.The bankrupcy will also help the sales of the cubs go through quicker.Bill

  4. and no more milton bradley!
    that's the BEST part! :)

  5. Yes, but today, the Cubbies signed Parker Brothers and Colonel Mustard.

  6. oh now THAT'S funny dan :) :) :)