Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chemo today

Today I had chemo and for the most part I am doing pretty well considering. Nothing major is effecting me now, but it is early and the effects usually hit me later. I am having mild nausea and a slight headache right now. When we left it was drizzling and I didn't have my hood on cause I was hot. That was a mistake because the rain drops felt like little needles piercing through my flawless complexion. I almost immediately put my hood on. I say almost because I am a glutton for pain. Like when you do things you shouldn't do. For example play with a sore tooth, knowing it hurts but you still continue to play with it. Maybe you don't but that's the person I am. Even though I know I need to protect myself from a possible illness I still try to be a He Man and that can be a big mistake. I guess I am still adjusting to my life style change after about 7 months of the chemo and almost 9 months of dealing with the cancer. Plus 2 major surgeries, 2 colonoscopies, a biopsy and one minor surgery. I think its more than enough time to get my act together.

Sally started a ritual on chemo days. She goes to Munster Donut( The official Donut shop of Bill's Life) and gets a dozen donuts and brings them for all the patients. First she brings them to me to pick out what I want and then the other patients get what I left behind. After eating my plump donuts I got up and threw away my garbage. I didn't realize that I had about a pound of donut crumbs on my shirt. "Whoops" I said to myself as the crumbs started to gather on the ground. Immediately I looked at Sally and said " Sally, what did you do? As I stepped to the side and started to kick the crumbs her way. "Honey , I will clean that up for you.

Michael has been sick for the last couple of weeks. A couple of weeks ago he applied at Kohl's where my sister Lisa works. Lisa was told Michael can't work there because she is in management and it would be a conflict of interest. Before chemo Sally and I went out to lunch (another chemo ritual). Michael and with him not feeling well came up in our conversation. I mentioned that I was glad he didn't get hired at Kohl's with him being sick all the time. I was concerned if he did get a job there he would be taking a lot of time off making my sister look bad. No sooner then I mentioned that Michael called Sally again. I think it was the 3rd time with in an hour he had called. He told Sally that Kohl's had called him for an interview for tomorrow. He was really excited and happy. It would be his first interview ever. He posted on Face Book of his excitement and even asked his Aunt Lisa for interview tips. He was later called and told his interview has been canceled. He is not wanted there because of Aunt Lisa working there. So his excitement only lasted an hour or so. If that was a prank it would have ranked high on my list as one of the funnier ones. While I was receiving chemo and before the donut and coffee run, Sally went home to pick Michael up so he could see a doctor. Michael was complaining since last night of being really ill. After it was confirmed he had mono he acted like he felt much better.

I finished with my chemo before Michael was done with urgent care. Sally and I went to Target. It was wet outside, therefore my shoes were wet. I decided I haven't annoyed Sally yet today so I figured it was time. While we were walking I kept making my shoes squeak. I was waiting for Sally to turn around and give me that look while telling me "Stop it" and giving me a slap on my shoulder. Instead she ignored me. The more she ignored me the more I did it. Trying to get louder and louder. She still ignored me. Then I looked away and I saw other people giving me the "evil" eye. Didn't accomplish my goal of annoying my wife but I managed to annoy everyone around us instead. Mission semi-accomplished, when it comes to annoying people why just leave it in the family.

Thanks for visiting and God Bless.

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