Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just a few things that need to be mentioned.

Just a little blog since I had the day off. I go back to work tomorrow and for the next 3 days. I will have the weekend off to enjoy. I didn't feel that great over the weekend because of chemo but I am starting to feel better. I still have to watch it because if I do to much I get dizzy. Today, I took Michael to the doctor for a recheck. He has been released but was told it will be at least another 2 weeks for him to get rid of mono. When I came home I decided to spend some time with my pumpkin. Zachary has the week off from school because of fall break. Kaity has been running a fever and crabby since the weekend. Sally still isn't feeling a 100% yet so Zachary is getting bored. I took him to "Chela's" for lunch. Then I took him to get pumpkins. When we got home I worked on the Halloween decorations. I didn't do everything I wanted to. With being dizzy I didn't think it would be good idea to be on a ladder. I had to run to Menards and of course I can't leave without looking at the Halloween and Christmas decorations. Every year I look and every year I dream what I would buy if I had extra money to spend. I always say maybe next year. At this rate I am figuring by the time I have extra money I will be to old to decorate.

Like I mentioned earlier I had worked all weekend. On Friday I was off though. It was my niece Stephanie's 12th birthday party. I was not feeling well. I didn't sleep well the night before. The chemo pump was louder then usual. Sally said she was able to hear it in the bedroom and I was in the living room. Zachary fell asleep on our bed and we couldn't get him to move. I took the couch knowing I wouldn't be able to sleep very well how it was. Plus my wife has been sleeping on the couch a lot lately. I kept getting cramps in my hands and legs which didn't help either. When the kids woke up I went to bed and slept until 12:30. I still didn't feel well but I didn't want to miss Stephanie's party either. On the way there Sally could tell I was feeling worse. She asked if I had eaten anything that day and I said "no". I didn't eat because I was feeling nauseated. Sally stopped and picked up a candy bar and a drink for me. I did feel better. I enjoyed myself at the party except for the fact that Michael kept calling. No sooner we arrived Michael called Sally's cell phone saying he was really sick and was in a lot of pain. Not knowing what to do because we were 45 minutes away from home we called our next door neighbor to check on Michael. We were assured from them that Michael was going to live. Michael called what seemed like ever y 30 minutes until we got home. Stephanie had jumbo size gourmet cups cakes served with ice cream. Kaity wasn't interested in the pizza and salad that was served earlier but gobbled up the cupcake. Zach sat at the dinning room table like a big boy eating his. Then I heard someone asked if there was a bug on Zach's back. Sally looked at me and started calling my name so I could come and save the day. Then all of a sudden Zach caught on that there was a bug on his back. He got up started screaming and running. It looked like he was going to his own version of the chicken dance the way he was flapping his arms and hopping around. The bug fell off his back and I was able to get it before it went back on him. Not sure what it was but it was some type of beetle I think.

I found out last night Kaity loves to watch the old television shows. She wouldn't sleep and was crying in her bed. I took her out and Sally told me to turn off the lights and to change the channel to 26. She sat there with me watching "Dick Van Dyke" (for those who don't know I love that show. I own all the episodes". Come to find out when she can't sleep at night Sally will lay on the couch with her and watch the old TV shows. I was told she loves "Mr Ed". After a couple of hours Sally will switch it to the news and Kaity will fall asleep then.

This weekend I have another list of things I should do. I need to get the car fixed. I think the thermostat is going out. Anyone wants to help me? I would like to help out the sisters on Saturday morning knowing they can always use my muscle. Maybe do something else with Zach before he goes back to school. I am also going to try to drop off my nephew Eli's birthday gift. His party was on Sunday. I had to work. Sally and the kids were going to go but Kaity was running a fever so they stayed home. There is still Zach's room that needs to be cleaned and Sally wants me to get the indoor Halloween decorations out of the attic. (Indoor decorations are on the bottom of my list since know one ever sees them and they are not spooky) Saturday evening we will take the kids to "TrunknTreat". A church by our our house does this every year. It's really nice for the kids. They have cars which have decorated trunks. Each car has a different theme. Many of the adults who have the decorated cars are dressed in costumes themselves. The kids go from car to car trick or treating. Hot dogs and drinks are served as well. Inside the building are games for the kids too.

I have mentioned before about Hope. She is the girl in Zach's school who was hit by a car a month ago. I am happy to report her condition has improved tremendously. Last week she was taken off all sedatives and the breathing tube was successfully removed. Yesterday, she started talking and was even answering math facts. Today she was walking in the hallway and climbing stairs. She will be moved to an inpatient rehabilitation center next week. The day she was hit it wasn't certain if she would make it through that night. Now, she is progressing quickly. The power of prayer, faith, and love does work miracles.

On a sad note I am asking for prayers for a Highland family who lost their son, J.J., today. He was in high school. He was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer a couple of years ago. He went into remission for a short time. His neighbors and his family would decorate their homes every Christmas. They called their street "Candy Lane" 2 years ago there was an article about it in the Times because that year they dedicated their street to J.J. There was a collection box at one of the displays to help his family with expenses. I took the family there one night. As I was putting money in the box I was thinking about how blessed I was with healthy kids even though they are brats at times.

The above was written on Tuesday night. I was to tired to proof read it (yes believe it or not I do proof read) and yesterday I was just to beat to even attempt.

It's time for me to call it a night. I have been needing more sleep then I use to. I will write this weekend. In the mean time take care and God Bless.


  1. Just wanted to mention the pictures that were posted were from last year. We will be posting current pictures soon.

  2. so kind of you to mention about jj here. the wake is tomorrow from 2-8 at kuiper...just in case anyone is looking for info. the kids at the highschool are very sad about his passing and it is so sweet of you to put it in here.
    i do hope that everyone in your house starts feeling better very soon and that YOU can get some rest and be all ready for one of your favorite holidays! (hope you're off next saturday!)
    blessings for always..deb:)