Monday, October 26, 2009

Another day in the life of criminals.


This weekend I was off. Saturday Zachary and I went to my brother Mike's house. Mike and I were trying to figure out what is wrong the car. Hopefully it's nothing more then needing antifreeze. Zachary had fun playing video games with Eli. Later we took the kids to the Trunk-n-Treat. We almost didn't get to go. I talked about Zach's room before. When I thought it couldn't get any worse it has. I think we are going to have to rent a bulldozer and huge dump container to clean his room. Well the costumes were lost in there. Of course Zachary managed to find his but there was no sign of Kaity's. I had to keep diving in and coming up for air while I was searching. I even had a rope tied around me just in case I got lost so Sally and Michael could pull me out. Of course I saved the day. Even though Sally did have a back up plan for Kaity just in case. While I was getting Kaity dressed. I was giving her the tricks of the trade of how to receive the most candy. I was pro at it in my time, I was a legend.The neighbors would see me coming and they would go through there candy dishes quickly looking for the best candy. They knew given me an apple would me a big mistake. They didn't even want to think what the consequences might be. I would always walk through the door after a hard night's work of Trick-or treating with no less then a pillow case filled with candy(no apples). So I asked her what do you say if you want candy?, and she replied "Yessss"."No, kaity you say trick or treat". I asked her again. " Kaity, what do you say when you go up to a house and want candy". Her reply again was ,"yessss" This went on for about a half hour and I finally gave up. "Fine, do it your way, your just like your mother,always changing the rules. There was even a few seconds to spare so we could take pictures of our kids with the neighbor kids. I felt like it was practice for when they go to prom. The kids had fun there. Of course it wouldn't be a typical day without any mishaps. Everything was going nice and smoothly, I took Zachary outside to collect his rewards and he wanted to roast marshmallow and make smores while Sally stayed in with Kaity so she could finish eating her hot dog. Plus Sally (like usual) was busy talking to our neighbor and her friend Ann Marie who was there with her kids. Sally came outside with Kaity. She started to roast a marshmallow. I ask her where did she get it. She said she got it out of the basket sitting by the welcoming commitee. I was shocked, She actually stoled them. They were given away for prizes and not meant to be taken. Then I noticed Zachary walking around with 2 of the lighted spinning helicopters that were also given away as prizes. At first I didn't think much about it, but then I saw that Kaity's was in her bucket. Some how, some where, Zachary stoled it. Then Taylor spoke up and said hers was missing as she was wiping the tears from her eyes."ZACH, give her back her helicopter!" They even had mini hayrides and the kids wanted to go on it. While they were coming back Sally decided she wanted to take a picture of them. She runs out in the parking lot and almost got ran over by the tractor (mini golf cart). I decided enough is enough and I took their hands and ran to the car. Since by now it was late we decided to get something to eat. On the way out of the restaurant, we were walking through the parking lot when Zachary started slapping a car. I looked at him and what he was doing. He started giggling and acted goofier. I told him to quit as we started walking to our car. I didn't see Zach and I turned around and he was still at the care slapping it and laughing. I told him he better come with us or we are going to leave without him. He looked at me and said "this is our car" and I said "No". He looked up and saw Sally and Kaity getting into our car and I hear a "oooooooops" from him. That car needed a good wash anyway.

Every year (even before we were married) Sally and Michael and sometimes myself would "boo" houses before Halloween. For those who don't know what it is. We make treat bags for families and attached a note on telling them they have been booed. They are suppose to make a copy to boo someone else and place the other in the window. Then we place it on the porch ring the door bell and run away hoping we will not be caught. The funniest thing for us is not being caught. In the past we have taken the entire family out booing driving all over. We try to boo people who we haven't before and we like when we see our signs in their windows. Every once in awhile we will get booed as well. Zachary was off school all last week and was asking the entire time when can he go out "booing". We told him Saturday night. After everything I had done I was beat, So Sally and Zach did it by themselves. This year we decided just to do our neighborhood. They only booed 6 houses (we usually do around 12), Sally said they were caught once but it was from someone they weren't booing. So after the police were called and Sally explained what they were doing the police let them go to continue on there merry way.(just kidding) Actually Sally had to explain their Tomfoolery to the neighbor that busted them. They probably would have been busted more but, some of the neighbors weren't home. Zachary had fun though and was tired from all the running he had to do from the neighbors that weren't home,and got busted from the ones that were.

I was in bed by 10 pm Saturday. Which is early for me. Usually on my day off Sally and I stay up late watching a movie. I couldn't keep my eyes open. Kaity woke up around 2am crying. I offered to take care of her but Sally was still awake and said she could. On and off I kept hearing Kaity cry. About 4 I got up to take care of her so Sally could get some sleep. Kaity's leg was hurting her. She couldn't get comfortable. She would have me rub it then she would get down and try to stretch on the floor. She tried everything to make it feel better. Everything except for Tylenol, even with coaxing she wouldn't take it. Every now and then she would fall asleep on me. I loved that part. Just holding her in my arms and then right when I would start to doze off she starting crying again. Sally said it was at least the 3rd time she had done this in a week. She said one night Zach was up until 2am and Kaity wouldn't fall sleep until 5am. I slept though it and was disappointed that I didn't get to share in the fun with my wife. So now we are wondering if the damp and coldness are effecting her leg. If it continues we will have to take her to see the doctor.

Speaking of booing we were "booed" Friday night. The kids were happy to get a bag full of candy not to mention my delight with the sugary bounty. Saturday morning Kaity was all snuggled on the couch with her blanky and pillow watching cartoons with Zach. I sat down for a little bit as well. The next think I know Sally is by me nudging me to look at Kaity. I was like what, she is just sitting there being good. Then I saw her, ever so slightly, pulling down her blanky and sneaking a piece of candy out of the boo bag. Zach and I were not even the wiser. After I saw her, her mean mommy took away the bag along with a pile of empty candy wrappers.

Today, I decided to go to the clinic to see if could change my chemo day from Thursday to Wednesday. If I went Thursday I would have to go during trick or treating to have the pump removed on Saturday. When I am home, I am the one who takes the kids out. That's my thing. Luckily, I was able to change it. I will go in the morning after I get off work. I will be tired but I can doze off there plus I can rest up since I won't have to be back to work until Friday night. During this time around too, I was given a sample patch to try. I put it on 2 days before chemo and it's worn for a week. It is suppose to help with nausea. I hope it works and if it does I hope my insurance covers it. I heard a lot of insurance companies make it difficult to get it though. While I was at the clinic I had my blood work done as well. So I am all set for Wednesday.


I didn't get to post my blog earlier. Sally, Kaity and I went out to breakfast before chemo. I was hoping I could sleep during it but it was very loud in the room. When I came home I was hoping to go to straight to bed. However, Zachary needed his glasses fixed again. Sally was planning on taking him and then taking him to "Frozen Yogurt Express" that is right across the street. Zachary didn't want Sally to take him because she was mean to him last night. She wouldn't let him watch a show on TV last night and made him go to bed. So that was his punishment for her. I didn't have to worry about falling asleep though. Zachary talked non stop except for the brief moments he had to breath and catch his breath and staring at his lego star wars with awe.

Next week I go back to 8 hour shifts and weekends off. The 8 hour shifts will be nice but I am not having over time isn't so great. I am really tired and not feeling my best at the moment. So take Care and God Bless.


  1. sooooooooooooooooo...
    update on kaity's leg please?
    did you get to change your chemo date this week so u can trick or treat with the kids?
    how's michael feeling?
    and thankyou to sally for posting about my tastefully're too good to me!
    cya later..
    have a good Halloween and maybe a DRY one..
    blessings to all

  2. Great pictures, Bill. But I think the blog is way too short.