Saturday, February 28, 2009

The surgery

I was admitted on a Wednesday and had the surgery Friday. I was starving. I told Sally when I came home from the hospital I wanted spaghetti and Texas sheet cake. When I walked into the hospital I didn't think I would have to stay there for 8 nights. It was a very long and miserable 8 nights. For the most part the nurses were good to me. I remember when I was younger hearing how people go in the hospital for rest. I have no clue how anyone can rest in the hospital. I think the longest amount of time I got to sleep without being interrupted by medical staff was 4 hours.

I found out a little about colon cancer while I was in the hospital. It usually occurs in people 50 and up or younger people with a family history. I have no family history and I am not 50+ so it was rare for me to have this. Aren't I the lucky one? I did have many of the symptoms. I had lost about 30 pounds in 3-4 months time. I contributed it to eating slower and smaller portions. I guess I was eating smaller portions and slower because of the size of the tumor. I had a change in my bowel movements, passed more gas, and had really bad breath. The thought of cancer never came to my mind. I was on new medication which some of the side effects were lost of appetite, weight loss, and bleeding. So, I thought some of the symptoms were from the medication.

The surgery last a little over 3 hours. It went very well. The tumor was the size of a male's fist. I never realized how important it was to have a bowel movement and pass gas until after the surgery.

I was lucky to have a lot of support through out this. I had many visitors friends, family and people who didn't even know me came and prayed with me and over me. My cell phone was ringing a lot to. It made 9 miserable nights more tolerable.

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