Saturday, February 28, 2009

My first chemo treatment

I was nervous and didn't know what to expect. Sally and Kaity went with me. It took a little over 4 hours. The room was set up with several recliner type chairs. They had 2 TVs, snacks and drinks. I lied there while several bags of fluids went through the port. It hurt at first when they connected the IV to the port. I was told it will get easier with time. The nurses were constantly moving, changing every one's bags. It was depressing to see I was the youngest one there. Everyone was a lot older than me.

Sally took Kaity home for a nap. Her crib is in our room and usually she is good about sleeping. Sally heard Kaity talking and went to check up on her. Kaity was on our bed with Sally's makeup. Kaity is going to have to have some makeup tips when she gets older.

I felt good that day. The next day (which was yesterday), I didn't feel so great. I woke up nauseated and dizzy. I took medication to help with the nausea but still didn't feel well. I had an appointment to remove the pump. I had to wait an hour in the urgent care. (Not a place I would think they would make a person under going chemo to wait with being surrounded by ill people) Sally went up and asked if they had forgotten about me and as so as she sat down they called me.


  1. Isn`t she just the cutest thing. She is already into mommies make-up.