Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Weekly Update

Chemo is kicking me in the rump.  Yes, it's a blunt statement but there is no other way to describe it.  I had chemo (today) Wednesday and it's been down hill ever since.  I am hoping this cycle will end quickly.  I have been blessed in the past with very little side effects from the treatments but it feels like I am making it up with the last two infusions I had.  I have been dealing with nausea, stomach cramping, and some vomiting.  Oh yeah, tiredness as well these past few treatments. If I could I would sleep my life away. It's really getting hard for me to deal with lately. I have always had jobs that I worked hard at and did well and  moved up the ladder frequently.

My first job was at Dog N Suds in Highland at age 15  as a Freshman at Bishop Noll. By 17 I was a manager.I than applied at Shakey's. I was only making 2.40 at Dog N Suds and had to look for better pastures. I  got a job at Shakey's and Dog N Suds closed shortly after (coincidence)  I worked 2 and a half hours( not days) and quit Shakey's cause the manager there said I walk to slow. I was are you kidding me. I am new and learning the job and already on my case. I felt I should have gotten a better chance. So I cut my losses and left. By the way Sally can walk faster than me, so never judge somebody by how fast they walk.(shortly after they closed coincidence, I think not). I than started delivering papers for awhile. I had about 20 papers to deliver and had to walk about 2 miles to get to my route. I earned about 15 dollars every two weeks. I quit just after Christmas and made a lot of money in Christmas bonuses. I had the paper delivered by 7am every morning and in the mail boxes or doors. I would get letters from customer saying how they missed me. The company that I was working for wanted me to train my replacement. I was thinking I never got trained so I had to decline.That company isn't around anymore either. Now its getting weird.  I got a job at Sterk's Super Foods(Sibley Blvd in Hammond) from a friend. I started out as a bagger a few months later stocker a few months after night crew stocker......night crew chief(lead stocker)......Dairy foods manager with store manager resposibilities(opening-closing the store as well as running the store) Later on got Frozen foods added.I was transferred to the Columbus Dr, East Chicago store. Had the same jobs with a little more store management duties.I had to finally look for another job cause I was only making about $9.00 an hour.I really hated to do it cause I did like the job. It wasn't the store managers fault. The owner was very cheap and didn't compensate his employees the way he should have. I won't mention his name though. Needless to say both those stores are now closed or bought out,ummmm. I got a job at the dairy that supplied us. I started as a by products stacker-gallon and quart fillers machine operator-load out crew and a load out foreman. I decided to get off the load out crew because of personnel problems on the other shift that I had no control over. After word got out I was looking for another job business started to slow down drastically until it closed on Halloween,double ummm. After taking a few months off during Christmas time,I started looking hard for job. Avery had a add that I jumped at. I investigated what they did so if I got an interview I would know what to say about them to make me more knowledge savy besides the obvious questions. I got a call after applying twice. The funny thing Is my mother in law said I will get a job in March cause that is St Josephs feast month who is the patron saint of Fathers,Husbands and Workers ect.Sure enough got a call on March 3rd and started working on the 7th or 8th. I had a lot of different jobs there as well finally having to go on disability and being a lead operator.I always liked the challenge of being in charge.

Leaving Avery was very very hard for me. One of the hardest decisions I had to make.That is where I stand now. I liked being in the work force and I miss it tremendously. This not to say that being home with my family is bad, it's great. It's just now I feel like nothing and not being able to support my family the way I should. I am going to stop there because of how long this is getting. I will have a part 2 tomorrow to mention more about what the rest of the family is dealing with. God Bless you all and thank you for taking half your day to read this.


  1. Hi Bill, I have been reading your blog for some time now. Only because I too am fighting with stage IV. Today I am moved to comment as I loved your work history. I found/still find giving up my job one of the 'defining' symptoms of this disease. That and moving home to live with my parents for a year with my 7 yr old son. Independence to me is freedom. I have coped and now live with my son a short distance from my folks. Preparing mentally knowing that independence will again be taken away is my challenge. Warm wishes to you and your family from sunny Australia :-) Juanita

  2. Juanita, Thank you so much for you words of encouragement.It is always good to hear from new followers.I do still feel positive that some day I will be well enough to work again, maybe just not at Avery Dennison.
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