Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I like Thanksgiving because it's the time when everyone reflects on what they are thankful for.  We take so much for granted and do not always realize what we have until it is taken away.  I am thankful for so much.  However being ill, I often think how lucky I am for my life, the people in it and what I have.  I noticed it seems the more people have the more they want.  I think it's sad in a way they are not happy with what they have.  They always want something that is bigger, better, flashier or newer.  I have notice the people who struggle, are often the ones that are grateful for what they have.  They seem to be more content and happier in life.  It's just my observation and I am not saying everyone is like that.  It seem the majority of people I come across are that way though. In a way, I think it's more of a blessing to have less then it is to have more.

My family asked me today what I am thankful for.  Of course I could go on and on but the thing I said was "I am thankful  for being alive".  Sally replied "Isn't that a curse?".  I hope she meant it because of how I have been feeling and everything I am going through.  I hope she didn't mean she is being cursed because I am still here being a thorn in her side.  Even with everything I am going through and even on my worse days, I am thankful to be here and doing as well as I am doing.  Things could always be worse.

Today our Thanksgiving day didn't go as planned.  The original plans were to go with my mother in law to the soup kitchen and help.  Afterwards, we were going to go her house and make Thanksgiving dinner. Mary ended up sick.  So we decided to postpone dinner until she is feeling better.  We wanted to make sure she was able to enjoy it.  Sally and I decided we would go to our church and partake in their community dinner.  We never ate there before but we volunteered a couple of times and Sally usually sends a couple of  dishes and a carved turkey there. 

This year it seemed a little weird to go there and be on the receiving end but I was actually looking forward to it.   The parking lot didn't seem very crowded so I was happy.  When we walked into the door we were greeted and a lady gave us name tags.  I was signing in and I heard the boys laughing and Kaity crying.  I turned around to see what was going on.  Kaity was wearing a name tag that read "Kiki".  The boys were calling Kaity  Kiki as they were laughing.  I couldn't help but laugh but she was devastated.  Sally went to get a new name tag for her and the lady apologized to Kaity. Then it was time to find a table. Well.... all the tables were occupied. There was one table that only had 2 people sitting at it. It were two men and they looked like they were homeless. Sally said "no".  I told her that wasn't the Christian thing to do.  She said she was worried about the kids.  The guys did look a little scary and I could just imagine  what the little ones would do. The only thing left to do was to separate but Sally said it's a holiday and we need to be together.  So we left. Yes, it was the holiday but, she was judging.

We get back to the car and started driving around looking for an open place to eat at.  The boys didn't seem to mind.  They were still making "Kiki" jokes and being entertained by making their little sister cry.  We ended up at Bakers Square. It wasn't what I had in mind.  But I did have a turkey sandwich.  I spent the rest of the day relaxing and playing G.I. Joes with Zach.  

So it wasn't our typical Thanksgiving but I am sure it's one the kids will not forget.  I still have a Thanksgiving dinner to look forward to.  Hopefully this weekend.  

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I am also thankful for everyone who has been praying for me and supporting me.  

God Bless,

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  1. Bill,
    You are absolutely right about people being grateful. I guess you become more aware of all you have to be thankful for when you lose something that you always took for granted. It ends up changing the way you look at everything. Keep seeing things to be grateful for, I think it is one of the best rewards you get from dealing with cancer.