Saturday, July 30, 2011

The last two weeks of awesomeness!

I want to mention that I am doing very well. Not having any stomach issues. Been watching my caffeine intake and seems to be working. I still get slight irritation but nothing that keeps me down. I had chemo today (Friday) Everything went well just have some minor fatigue and same muscle tightness in my legs.

Last week, I was invited to go to The House of  Blues from my bestest Brother in law John and his brother Josh to see Tesla. It was me the two of them and another dude named Skippy (The Peanut Butter lover, or "Family Ties" groupie, or maybe the combination of the two? The world may never know because I didn't ask.) When we got there we went to the ticket window to pick up our tickets. Josh gotten them free because he is a really cool dude and was a big part of my benefit. I will be forever grateful to him. As soon as Josh walked up to the window we were escorted to another line. A man in dapper threads was standing there. We knew then we were in the VIP line. Obviously they noticed me and immediately moved us up.That's my story and I am sticking to it. I was  walking around like a peacock (or was it a pecan since they are both the same according to Zac) the rest of the night. The opening act was  the Steepwater Band. The lead singer taught Josh guitar lessons. The group was very good and I highly recommend getting a copy of there CD. Tesla as well didn't disappoint. This is the second time I seen them. I have never been to the House of Blues and that in itself was an experience.

Sally and I went to a Cubs game on the roof top (Beyond the Ivy). Sally my bestest wife won the tickets through a 101.9 The Mix drawing (a radio station SHE likes to listen to). There Road Crew was in front of Walmart one sunny Sunday afternoon.  Before they drew names, I had the weirdest feeling Sally was going to win honest to God I did. We had to be present for the drawing and we had about 15 minutes to wait for the drawing. She and the kids went in side the store. I became nervous because it was almost time for the drawing and she still wasn't back. She likes to torture me. She finally came back outside with 10 seconds to spare They pulled out a name and announced  Sally Cieagay. What the Hell was that, totally butchered my name. I almost left, almost I said they are Cubs tickets, the holy grail of Baseball( even though they suck this year), I had to correct them of course, you mean Ceiga.I forgave them.  We had to have our picture taken for their web site.  Except our picture never ended up there. I guess we do look that scary.

The game day itself  was a fun time. A lot of stair climbing up to the top and getting free food and beverages. It was a toasty day to say the least. Sally did get a little sick and stayed in the club house towards the end of the game. I was going back and forth checking on her, taking the coolest pics.of the friendly confines, getting food and beverages again and again.Then towards the last 30 minutes of the game they came out with a huge tray of brownies and cookies. That totally made my day.  Surprisingly those brownies were scrumptious.  I could have died a happy man and went to Heaven right then and there.  The Cubs did win the game in the 10th on a Jeff Baker walk off hit with the bases loaded. The Cubs bull pen did almost blow the game again. Great experience, but can't beat the felling actually being in the ball park.

This past Thursday, Sally and I  went to see Heart and Def Leppard concerts.We got the tickets from my favorite son at the time Micheal and our friend Ron (Michael's fairy God Father). Michael helped Ron get his house ready for a birthday party for his 3 adorable kids. Ron usually gives Michael a few dollars for helping him.  This year Michael and Ron decided instead of paying Michael, Ron would get Michael's most amazing, coolest, awesome parents, tickets to see Heart and Def Leppard.. The shows were excellent. First time I saw Heart and this was the 5th time I saw  Def Leppard. It's great going to these shows when you know 99% of the songs. I have to admit I am a rocker. Saw a lot of rock groups like Ozzy, Motely Crue, Jackyl, Alice Cooper, Metalica, Kid Rock etc. I  would name a few others but that would make certain friends and family members toes curl and make there hair stand on end . I saw these bands and I turned out fine. Well sorta, kinda, maybe a little bit.That's better then not at all. Sally on the other hand is messed up now.Although she wasn't with me at all those concerts but was at few of them with me, may need help. The hardest core bands she saw until I warped her was the Monkeys and Weird Al Yankovic. I like a lot of different flavors of music but like I said I am a rocker at heart. A 46 year old rocker that doesn't look the part. So don't be fooled. On a side note, Sally and our friend Lynn (Ron's wife) spent most of the time commenting on people's attire.  When Sally wasn't commenting on that, Ron and her kept making little comments on mine and Lynn's age.  I still can't see how she has everyone fooled and everyone thinks she is so sweet.

GOD Bless you all and I am still a nice guy. So don't be afraid to approach me.Although everyone says I look mad. That's just the way I look, thanks to my mom!


  1. wait just a minute here young man! WHY is it that people ALWAYS blame their moms for things? why is it HER fault that (just being honest here) you always LOOK mad? truth is you do and the truth also is that you really AREN'T! why not just SMILE :) all the time bill? then you wouldn't look mad..
    on a happier note...luv these blogs have always enjoyed them from the very beginning! keep em coming ok? and continue doing whatever it is you are doing cuz you still AMAZE me! blessings and prayers continue daily for all of you!

  2. Deb, If I smile all the time then people would really wonder what I am up to.Usually that isn't good. Thanks for the prayers that is my secret for amazement. Luv, Bill

  3. hey, glad to hear that life has been a bit more fun for you. keep it up!