Monday, July 18, 2011


Colonoscopy day.  I am happy to announce no polyps or tumors.  The worse part of it was prepping the day before and having to deal with Sally.  She always thinks it's funny when I am at my worse.  Well, she thinks she is  humorous but I find her to be annoying.  Just a big sigh of relief it's over with and everything in that area is OK.  It really isn't as bad as it sounds.  Having cancer is must worse than having a colonoscopy, so make sure you go in for yours.  

The warm weather is taking a toll on me.  I am really tired and having a hard time handling the heat at times,  For that reason, I am glad we are only working 40 hour shifts at work right now. It's a great time for the air in the car not to be working too.  Nothing like arriving somewhere covered in sweat. At least I can come home to a cool house. 

My stomach issues are much better.  I had a  flair up recently.  I drank  Mountain Dew and the next day I spent the entire day in bed due to pain.  I never drink Mountain Dew but for some strange reason I was craving it. I won't admit that Sally was right when she said I have an ulcer and to stay away from alcohol and caffeine.  It's just a coincidence. What does my wife know anyways.  She is studying to be a teacher not a doctor.   

The pictures that are attached are from a day when we went to the park.  If you noticed I was less then thrilled having my picture taken and I think the kids were as well.  I wanted to enjoy the scenery and Sally kept making us stop every 5 feet to snap pictures.  I am just thankful she left the camera at home today.  If not, I am sure there would have been a lot of moon shots.

Hope to write soon.  Thank you for following my blog.
God Bless, Bill


  1. You don't look as camera shy as you say you are. It's great seeing you out with your children. Congratulations on the clean colonoscopy. I go in for mine next month. Keep up the good spirits even while on chemo. I know that isn't easy, but you seem to have a knack for good attitudes. :)

    Still in my prayers... We'll let God do the rest.

  2. ahhhhhhhhhhh bill, i DO so look forward to these updates!!! 1st of all and most important of all....congrats on the clean colonoscopy!
    you really ARE quite a trooper!!! and hey, remember that a sense of humor has gotten you through some tough times and seems to me that sally has quite the sense of humor herself...bottom line is...she sure does love you!!!!
    keeping you in my prayers...ALWAYS!!!
    blessings, deb :)

  3. Hey, great news on your colopo! Hope that keeps up this way, nice pics guys, always nice to see you together.

  4. Brilliant news on the colonoscopy Bill..and you're quite right, having one is nothing compared to having cancer - so everyone go get yours done!

    Lovely pictures even though you said you weren't really in the mood for pics...they're great anyway.

    Good to hear from you Bill

  5. Hi again- I am still around, catching up on your blog from time to time. Your kids are adorable- remind me of mine not so very long ago!
    37 months cancer free! You and your family are in my prayers Bill and so glad to see that you are enjoying the days and times

    Bye for now,
    Patty in Minnesota