Friday, July 1, 2011

Birds of a Feather Flock Together.

Birds of a feather flock together.

I just wanted to make a quick mention about whats going on with me. For the most part I have been feeling more tired and fatigued more then usual. Trying to go to sleep a little earlier to help get more rest but, enjoy my alone time with Sally. Still having stomach issues. My last one was last Thursday that lasted until Friday afternoon but, tapper-ed off by than, so I still went to work (I left work Thursday at 11:30 it was so severe). Our family doctor believes its an ulcer. I am inclined to agree. So I am doing what he is telling me to do, so far so good. Other than this all is good

As some of you may know, our daughter has been going to speech therapy for almost a year because she is speech delayed.  In the last couple of months she can carry a conversation with us.  Sally and I still are amazed and proud when we hear her talk. The things she comes up with often leaves us in stitches.  

With that said, tonight Sally made a salad for dinner.  I immediately told her I was full from all the liquids I drank through out the day to stay cool.  Surprisingly the kids ate the salad and didn't complain which is a first.  Usually, there is someone who has to make a negative comment when it comes to dinner time.  I don't think Sally cared for dinner all that much either. Because after dinner, she mentioned going for ice cream.  Of course I was the first one in the car waiting with a smile.  Kaity told me she was going to get a pink ice cream with blueberries.  She ended up with a hot fudge sundae with whip cream.  Zachary ordered a chunky monkey just like his dear old dad.  

The following is the conversation between Zach and Kaity while they were eating their ice cream treats.

Zach "I have peacocks in mine.  Kaity do you want a bite?" Kaity, "I don't eat birds." Zachary said you eat chickens right?  Kaity "I like chicken but I do not eat birds." Zach "You eat birds." Kaity "I DON't EAT BIRDS!".  A couple seconds went by "Yuck, Zach you farted."  Zach "No, I didn't", as he scooted away from where he was sitting.  "Zach you did to fart and it smells", as she plugged her nose.  Then Kaity continues to work on eating her ice cream and Zach stopped eating and said "I don't like the peacocks.  I need to a drink of water.  They are stuck in my throat."  Sally said you mean pecans.  Zach replied "pecans peacocks sounds the same and are the same thing."  Kaity said "Zach next time you should get what I have there are no peacocks in mine."  A couple seconds later "Oh, I have peacocks in mine too." then there was a pause "I am kidding I have no peacocks in mine."  and finished her ice cream while Zachary stared at her.  


  1. well kaity is absolutely as entertaining as the rest of you guys are! she has been holding it all in and now you'll have so many more blogs and stories to tell!!! :) looking forward to hearing them!!! blessings as always and luv ya too! :) guess who?

  2. Hey Bill,
    My name is Liz and I came across your blog a few months back. I am sorry to learn that you are feeling more tiered recently. I hope that goes away soon and you will feel better. On a lighter note the pictures of the kids from your last post are rather sweet, those smiling faces are a good motivator to feeling better.
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    Either way, thank you so much for your writing. Take care and best regards.
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  3. Hi Bill,

    Sorry to hear you've had sore tummy issues and extra tiredness are you feeling now?

    Your children's comments always make me smile :)