Friday, February 25, 2011

An Omission of Guilt

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my wife's face book stunt she had done to me on my birthday.  The one that involved the hideous picture of me being posted every where.  She still has of yet changed it on the blog either.  I might of sounded as if I was undeserving of the prank which I still think it was uncalled for.  It has been on my mind why would my wife do such a thing to me?  Almost 2 weeks later, it finally dawned on me why.  I will swear right now before I go any further it was an accident, or was it?

It all began on Super Bowl Sunday.  Our friends had invited us over to their home to watch the game.  Sally had made a couple of snacks to take with.  One of the snacks were meatballs in a sauce. There was snow drifts all over so I was trying to be considerate and I dropped Sally and the kids off in the drive way.  They grabbed the food out of the trunk and I went to park the car on the street.  As I was walking towards the drive way, I looked at my family from a distance.  There was my family with there hands  filled with food.  I felt a little guilty walking up empty handed.  Sally had the container of meat balls and I spotted a trail of sauce leading from the drive way going towards the porch just in case we may forget our way back to the car.  I knew she must have had sauce all over her too.  Which is funny because I am the one that usually ends up with food all but over himself and then everyone laughs at me.  I didn't yet make it to the drive way when Sally yelled from the distance "Are you sure this is the right house?".  I of course said "Yep!" I looked at the house again and thought oooooh wait a minute, but decided not to say a word in case I was wrong (wink wink). I decided it was best for me to stay put so I stopped and watched the plot unfold from a far. I saw Sally knock on the door.  The door opens and I see Zach walk inside and  started to wipe his feet on a  the floor mat.  I then look at the guy who opened the door and I didn't recognize him. I heard him  say everybody is downstairs. I then heard my wife  apologize to him and she and the kids walked away with all the food and another trail of sauce. The whole time staring at me. "What I do?"  is all I  could say (if looks could kill I would have been a corps right then and there).  I was more concerned about getting everyone back in the car as quickly as possible.  With the trail of sauce and the mud Zachary left behind I knew the evidence of us being there was compelling so I quickly sped away from the scene.

 I drove 5 houses further down the street to Ron and Lynn's house. During the short trip I could not help but laugh at her.  She did mumble something like "I am going to get you for this". I am glad it was only a five house drive because it didn't give her anytime to say any more to me. When we got to the "right"  house I knew because their 3 kids were hanging out the door waiting for us. Next time I told her we will have to make up a checklist of their outside contents to make sure she won't do this again. Most importantly their house address.  I wouldn't want to see her embarrass herself again..  Periodically, throughout the game, I would peer out the window  to make sure we weren't being followed by angry neighbors with blazing torches.

After the incident, my wife did not mention it again to me.  So I thought maybe she had forgotten it.  But that was foolish of me, because Sally never forgets things like that.She stills brings up things that happened 12 years ago.  She may pretend to forget but she doesn't.  If she tells you she will get you back she will but she will wait until you least suspect it.  I know I shouldn't do this but Sandy (Sally's sister) you better beware.  Sally will get you back.  I am not sure and I don't know when but I can promise you she is planning something in that evil mind of hers.  There is something about Sally and her sisters.  When they get together they usually don't act their age.  Sandy thought it would be funny to stick on a maxi pad on Sally's car as she was driving away.  Sally knew nothing about it and it fell off the car between  their mom's house and the grocery store.  It amused Sandy and their mom very much.  I still haven't yet to find the humor in it but maybe it was because they littered the street with a maxi pad. Sally swore on that day there will be war.  So I thought it is best to warn my sister in law.

I'm scheduled for a CT scan on March 7th so prayers will be very much appreciated. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed it, God Bless!!


  1. Hey, I know what it's like to have chemo brain. Loved the story. I didn't even care in the middle if it went anywhere, it was so fun to read.

    I hope your sister-in-law takes your warning seriously. :)

    We'll be keeping you in our prayers. Nice getting to know you a bit.

  2. New to your blog, good luck next week.


  3. I haven't read your entire blog but what I did read was fun. I'm sorry about the cancer. I knew someone here who had a similar bout with cancer and left behind 3 little girls.

    I can't seem to locate her blog right now but she shared many things about what happened to her. I'm sure at stage 4 you realize the impact cancer has on life. Don't let it stop you from communicating with folks though.