Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's All About Me.

There was another item of importance I wanted to add to the post about my birthday. However, I decided this needed to be a posting on it's own. With all the birthday wishes, cards, food, money, and gifts, Did I say food, specifically cake, fudge and the candy Zach got me, along with the beef sticks Michael got me. I would have to say I was most impressed and humbled by an article written by a friend, Ann Marie Walker. She had written about my wife and myself as a tribute to my birthday. Let me tell you a little about Ann Marie. I do mean a little cause this is my blog and it is still my birthday month, so the spotlight stays on me lol. Sally asked me to put the lol part in so people will think I am kidding around lol. Well I'm not, like I said its my birthday month and I am still celebrating it lol(?). Sorry Ann, I am trying to be honest here.  Ann is a mother of 4,well  5 if you include her husband. She takes care of her elderly mother, a free lance writer for an on line publication called Examiner. She is the author of the Chicago Psychic Examiner as well as the NWI Frugal Family Examiner. She also decided to venture into college with my wife and drives my wife crazy because she pushes her way through school at a much faster rate then what Sally is doing. She makes Sally look like a slacker.  Sorry honey but it's true.

http://www.examiner.com/psychic-in-chicago/happy-birthday-bill-the-most-spiritual-man-and-family-i-know#comments is the article in which I feel resembles us very little but I am flattered for her thinking of us that way. We are just ordinary people facing an obstacle in life. I don't think we are different than most people because everyone has an obstacle or obstacles they are facing in their every day life. Whether if it's an addiction, a job you don't like, a problem child, a troubled marriage, loneliness, an illness,  financial trouble or like to watch people and make fun of them. That really isn't an issue except I really do like to to do that. That is more of an issue for the other person than for me. Unless you are not human everyone is going through something. I have a head that is bigger than most, but I deal with it.

Like I mentioned before, the main purpose of the blog was to update family and friends on my condition, then it turned into writings for my children to have in case something were to happen to and some how for the most part the blog has turn into amusing tales about my family's misadventures and attempts through life. I never had the intent to be the poster child for stage four colon cancer. Which is good because I am the furthest thing from it. As for many of you who follow my blog, I use a lot of humor. It's not an attempt to trivialize the seriousness of my condition or my feelings minus my bouts of rage. Instead, I approach the blog the way I approach life. Basically, what your read is what I really am like. I approach life in humor. I try to find the good and humor in everything. I learned and realize even in darkness there is always good or good that results from our darkest moments. I could never imagine going through life without laughter and having a wife who doesn't find humor the same way as I do. The day we got married I knew than she has a sense of humor.  I think that is one of the main reasons Sally and I get along well is because of our ability to laugh our way through life and at each other as well as the kids. 

I live life to the fullest based on my ability.  Of course if I had money, I would be doing many things that I am not able to do now.  However,  I would still live life the same.  Spending it with my family and enjoying the time I have with them.  There is saying "live life as if it's your last". I do not agree with that.  If you live today as if it were your last then what do you have to look forward to for tomorrow.  Eventually,  you would be exhausted trying to live every day as if it's your last. Rest is very important to my healing process, so that wouldn't be good. My advice is to do something you love each day.  It doesn't have to be something earth shattering.  For I find that often the simplest things in life are the most satisfying and most meaningful to me.  Whether it's sitting on the couch watching a tv show with Sally or cuddling up with the kids reading them a book, those are the times that mean the most to me and hopefully it's the things my family will remember.  I try as much as possible to create memories.  The memories aren't for me but  for my family.  They are something for them to hold on to in case I am no longer around.

One more quick note to Ann. I am proud to consider you a friend and have to say that this article was in my humble opinion your best effort to date. So good luck trying to top it.  What is better subject matter than me?

Here are the links to Ann's writings.  I encourage you to take the time to check them out.




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