Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Christmas Story, Done ourway.

Ooops I did it again. I never intend to have so much time laps between post. I always have so much to say but time hasn't been much on my side. Last weekend I was off but unfortunately for me, I was under the weather for most of it. I laid in bed most of Sunday. Zachary had the stomach bug on Saturday and I think I caught a minor version of it. Plus I had a bad sinus headache and the combination of the two left me powerless, weak, and vulnerable.

I feel weird still talking about Christmas in the middle of January but dammit I still have a lot to say and I am going to say it. OK I know you don't have to read it but I am saying it and it will be out there for all who choose to read For those who decide not to, will never know the fun us Ceiga's experienced during Christmas 2010.

I will begin by talking more about the big guy. No not me! In fact I am working out and getting my body into shape. In no time I am going to be one buff dude with a nice tight buttocks. Sally needs to start playing her cards carefully then because someone might snatch the new me resembling Bradly Cooper. In real life I will most likely resemble Lyle Lovett Minus the hair.

Going back to the big guy that isn't me. Although my daughter will remind me " YOU FAT, HAHAHAHA". The one that lives off of milk and cookies (Oh wait that is me) the one that all the kids know, that one. There is a house in Highland that has the best decorations in our area. Last year I posted pictures of it in one of the postings. Santa is often spotted in front of the house. Every year we drive past several times in hopes of seeing Santa. This year was no different. Except for the fact it didn't seem Santa was out as often. Also, this was the first time we didn't see Santa. Well... on one occasion we did drive past and he was outside talking with a family. I turned the corner and parked the car. The kids literally jumped out of the car and started running towards the house. We walked around the corner to see Santa and like magic he was gone. He must of known who was approaching, the guy I mean kids who took all my chocolate candy last year. Needless to say, I was disappointed I mean the kids were disappointed. We walked around looking at the decorations in hopes he would reappear but no such luck. It was a bummer to say the least. Sally found humor in all of this. It only proves she is one sick person.

I tried to redeem the Santa disappointment and took the kids to see Santa in St. John. Every year they have a nice set up with Santa, popcorn and hot chocolate. This year included cookies and a train ride for the kids as well. The kids saw Santa. It always amazes me that when my kids tell me what they want from Santa the list goes on and on. But once they were on his lap they become silent and with some coaxing they manage to stutter a thing or two. After Santa they road the train and then we got hot chocolate and popcorn. Zachary (being my boy) went to take the bag with the most popcorn and dropped it. Then he cried and we all laughed. We told him to get another one and to stop his crying. It was cold and I had lost all feeling to my fingers and tootsies so we went to the car to wait for him. Zachary thought we were going to leave and burst into tears while running to the car. Sally and I burst out into laughter and told him to go get his popcorn. All ended well. He got his popcorn and my fingers and toes thawed out.

My mom had her Christmas the Sunday before Christmas. Someone came up with the clever idea of having the ugliest Christmas sweatshirt contest. It stemmed from all the sweatshirts that she has hidden away in her closest given to her by a certain somebody. We all have sweatshirts taken up space in our closets that were gifts given to us by a certain someone. I didn't want to offend a certain someone (in fear I might not receive another awesome sweatshirt) so I decided to play it safe and create a one of a kind master piece. I will proudly say it was a work of art. I am certain Zachary got his creative drawing talent from his dear old dad. Anyways, those who wore their ugliest shirts had to stand up to be judged. It included me of course, my brother Mike and his wife Leanne and my sister Lisa. The judging took place and while the votes were be tallied we went to have our picture taken. Right before everyone was able to take pictures, Zachary sneaked into our group. We looked and no he wasn't wearing an ugly shirt but he had an ugly Christmas rug covering up his front. Come to think about it, the rug belonged to the same person who is responsible for buying all the ugly shirts. Once the pictures were taken the votes were read. Sally managed to get a vote even though she didn't think her shirt was ugly. I did notice a food stain on it though. Leanne won but I think a recount should have been done since I was only one vote less than hers. To bad I don't live in Florida. Zachary was upset cause he got no votes.I had to explain to him it was a ugly shirt contest and he was holding a rug. So he was disqualified. What will that kid think of next? Read the next blog and you will find out.

Christmas Eve we attended mass because we knew Christmas morning would be hectic. Sally and I went to bed at 2am on Christmas. I was hoping the kids would let us sleep until 6. At 8 Sally was nudging me and the kids were still asleep. I got up to set up the camcorder as Sally got the kids awake. As I sat in the living room waiting, I notice there was one stocking that was missing which meant one of the kids was up earlier snooping. My guess it was Zachary. However, after the investigation I realized it wasn't Zach nor Kaity but Michael. After all he is only 20 and still believes in Santa which allows him to continue to get stockings year after year.

After opening gifts and breakfast the five of us went to help out at a soup kitchen before going to my brother Mike's house. Every year Mike and his wife has a pot luck at their house on Christmas afternoon. To say it nicely, he has Christmas at his house for us schmucks. I guess you can say it was dinner for schmucks, (That was a good movie by the way) who have no where else to go. I use to go there a lot for Christmas in my younger days but since I have been married this is probably the 3rd or 4th time we went. Not only do they have delicious food(cookies and cakes) but they have lively entertainment which consist of bunco. We all concentrate and take the game seriously so we can choose a wrapped gift on a table that if filled with mysterious gifts. I managed to win a bottle of soap gel and a body sponge, perfect. It made me wonder if someone is trying to tell me something. After my mom, dad, sister and brother in law left we played one more game of bunco. I was all for it knowing my chances of winning would be greater. Sally ruined it for all of us. She played lousy all day and then all of a sudden she got on a role and scored 36 points in one round. It was all the cheering and yelping that allowed her to score so high. Her face was as red as Santa's suit by the time her turn was over with.
I will try and write another blog in a week or so. I need to get some of these other nuggets told. Thanks for visiting and God Bless.


  1. Hi. You don't know me. I've only just found your blog via the blog "What a Pain in the Bum".
    I read your November post where you were being considered for SIRT for the liver tumours. I've been treated for liver cancer, and am always on the lookout for others who have treatment. I couldnt find any updates on what happened and how the treatment went, if it went ahead.

  2. Hi, Fiona, I was going to have the Sirt procedure in December but, There were issues with not taking the right dosage of Chemo pills and having a wrong fixture made up for my in fusion.I was also off chemo treatments for a while prior to that cause I didn't have any tumors seen at the time I quit. I had a CT and PET Scan done and the tumors were back in a fairly short time.Because of the problems I was having with the treatments, I wanted to have a good 3 or so months of infusions and the pills and another CT to see the results before the Sirt. The Sirt procedure could be dangerous and that is one reason we (my wife and even the Doctor agreed that the infusions my get rid of the spots in the liver like they have in the past).Keeping my fingers crossed. The Scan should be scheduled for sometime in Febuary. I will see the Doctor again on the 27th of this month, hopfully to set the date. Thanks again for reading my blog God Bless Bill.