Monday, December 27, 2010

December Blog

Since I have been a very naughty boy and haven't kept up with the blog, I figure I will do a December blog. Sally thinks it will take hours for me to write and another hour or two for my fans to try to understand what I have written. Honestly, my wife over estimates the excitement in my life. Really my life isn't that interesting and there really isn't a lot of blog moments in my life. It just seems a lot with the condense version of my life written on the blog. I know everyone doesn't want to read about an ordinary dull life.

So I will begin the blog the same way we began the Christmas season with a parade. To be exact it was the Santa March. It wasn't very crowded like the typical 4th of July parade. In fact it was only about 15 minutes long versus the hour plus long 4th of July parade. Which is good because by the time the parade finally arrived it left my fingers and toes numb. There were some bands, candy thrown and yes my girl friends, the clown posse(not to be confused with the insane ones), had a float as well. My kids gathered a fair amount of candy(as in not enough candy bars). Zachary was in charged of holding the bag. They gathered the candy and waited with anticipation for the very last float which of course was the big man himself. Near the end Zach got a little bored and started to swing the bag of candy around.I had told him a few times,"Zack your going to loose the candy".I turned around to check on him a few minutes later, and he we bending over picking up all of the candy which he accidentally scattered all over Highway Ave, while swinging the bag. He continued to pick up the candy as Sally, Kaity, and I stood there waving at Santa as he passed by and laughing at Zach. When Zachary realized he missed Santa, tears started to flow. Sally and I being the compassionate parents we our could not help but laugh even harder. I finally walked over to help him while his dear mom stood there still laughing. When all the candy was gathered up, Sally told Zach that if he ran he could catch up with Santa. So Zachary started running at full throttle to catch up with Santa. Sally and I were still able to keep up with Zachary's fast speed, by walking a brisk walk.

Speaking of Santa, I was able to full fill my life dream of playing Santa. The family and myself will give our time to help out the Missionary's of Charity. This is a charity that Mother Theresa founded. Well this year after wanting to play Santa for a few years, I got my chance this year to do so for there Christmas party for families with hardships.I got to the party, went next door to the church got dressed up in the room were the priest get ready for mass and fixed myself up to look at act like the best Santa I can be.I looked in the mirror and did my hearty HO HO HO. Did the "Are you talking to me" line. After I was satisfied with the way I looked and sounded I left. As I was leaving the room, there at a pew was a lady kneeling and praying, staring at me and trying not to laugh.I was thinking to myself, this is a great start to a otherwise special day. I got to the secret location and waited for the Ok to come and greet the kids.Finally came the word to release the Santa. I walked out and there was a loud sounds of hysteria. Now I know how Justin Bieber must feel. I walked and waved at all the little kids. You can see the looks of awe in there little eyes. I got to my Santa throne, which was just a...........chair, I peerd at the table I was sitting by and saw the kids knowing all the question that they would ask. Asking what they wanted and that there brother or sister was bad and didn't deserve any thing and what was I going to do about it. Then came the question that most Santa's fear throughout the world. What are the names of your Reindeers. I looked at little Jimmy and said " now lets see, there is Dancer, Prancer( now a lady walks in front of me and obscures my view of him, now here's my chance.So I go into charlie Brown's teacher mode) whaa whaa whaa whaa whaa whaa and Rudolph. The kid just stared at me in amazement. I knew he was trying to stump me and I passed, sort of. Then a sister whisked me away to the kitchen. She said that Santa must eat. I looked at the cookies and pizza and then I looked down at the full beard hanging on my face. I struggled thinking how it is, eating without fronting a beard. I pictured myself walking back out with pizza sauce and punch stains on beard and cookie crumbs hanging on the beard and costume. So I decided to pass and returned to the kids. Then the families wanted pictures with Santa. I can be outgoing with people I know especially after a couple of drinks but people I do not know I tend to be introvert with. There was one family in particular that took at least 10 pictures with me. Then the mom hugged me while pictures were taken. I got a lot of hugs from the kids which made me feel good. I felt like a rock star that day.
Hope you are enjoying the Christmas season with your family and friends.
God Bless,

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