Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our year end festivities.

Happy New Year! Yes, I am behind, but it still the first of the year so it counts. I hope 2011 brings peace, love, and happiness to all my friends, family, and blog readers.

I could get sappy and write a blog about the great and not so great memories of 2010 but then I thought it's all in the previous postings in the blog (so if that is what floats your boat then go back reread the post). Plus, I am saving the sappy part for the bad parts in life. Hopefully, in 2011 there will not be any. I could also write about the list of appliances that failed,( thanks to Sally) all of Michael's mishaps with his car(none of it his fault, according to him), all the times Sally made me mad(all the time, like now), my award from work(well deserved and about time), more of Zachary's questions about turtles and life(my head hurts just thinking about it), Kaity's fashion or lack of fashion sense(I'm going to be in a lot of trouble in a few years), etc.... I could go on and on but why? We want to enjoy 2011 and not still be focusing on 2010. Time to move on.

I ended 2010 the way we normally end the year. We had a lot of snack/junk food and went to Main Square to watch the fireworks. We did it a little different then normally though. We decided not to end the year on a bad foot and made the junk/snack food healthier then usual in hopes the healthier food continues in 2011. We went to Costco to purchase our feast. Kaity wanted to try a sample of sushi. Of all things there were to sample she was the most eager to try it.She said they looked pretty. So she took a small bite and liked it. She really liked it. She encouraged Sally to take a bite (Sally isn't not much of a fish person). Sally wouldn't until Kaity eyes began to tear up. She took a bite and liked it(Hey Mikey). She encouragement me to take a sample and I was surprised I liked it to. So we bought a tray of sushi, a platter of shrimp cocktails, pita chips, and Kashi frozen pizza (not very tasty in my meek opinion). Besides did I mentioned we had veggies with yogurt dip, humus, seasoned oyster crackers, roasted chick peas, water chestnuts and pineapple bacon wraps, and jalapeno popper dip served with thin slices of bread. I will admit I enjoyed this better this year or I should say last years' snacks better then I have in the past. Except for the chick peas and the Kashi pizza, everything else was really satisfying to my taste buds. In fact they are doing a little jig while I am thinking about the food.

After we ate and cleaned up a bit, Sally and I took Zachary and Kaitlyn to see the fireworks. Yes, there is no mention of Michael. He abandoned us this year. I did call him like every 30 minutes to try to make him feel guilty. It didn't work though, because he didn't come home until his curfew. Yes, he is 20 and has a curfew. What weird parents are we. I bet you are feeling sorry for him as you read this. Don't worry, he feels sorry for himself (regarding the curfew issue) so you don't have to worry since it's covered. Back to the fireworks festivities. Sorry, sometimes I am just scattered minded. Actually, I am more scattered minded than not. Please that is a little secret just between you and me.Now what was I trying to say.OK fireworks and the count down. We arrive with just a couple of minutes to spare. The weather was perfect. It was in the 50's which is unseasonably warm for us. The square was all lit from the Christmas light displays, love was in the air while couples anxiously waited for the stroke of midnight to kiss their loved one or maybe for some lucky people love ones. I guess I was lucky because there were 3 love ones for me to kiss. Zachary's focus was on getting a noise maker. Not that he needed one since he does a good job making noise on his own.I have not a clue where he gets that from but may need to see a doctor about that. Sally took the kids where the crowd was to wait for the count down and I looked for the noise maker. I didn't find them. Not like that was what I was actually looking for. There it was free hot chocolate. I made a dash for my hot cocoa.I can only concentrate on one thing at a time. By the time I got the hot chocolate (which by the way was awful) and found my lovely family and it was after midnight. I really didn't think much about it since we were still in the same place, the fireworks were still going off and so what if the kiss took place a couple minutes later. Sally didn't agree with my thinking. She was a little perturbed with me. I tried comforting her by telling her my hot chocolate was terrible( I thought that would have brought her to tears) but that only made her more peeved at me. I still don't really get what the big deal was. She had the kids to kiss and all I had at the stroke of midnight was a lousy cup of hot chocolate and it wasn't even hot. Zachary was disappointed with me too since I did not find a noise maker for him. We told him when we got home he can hit some pot and pans together.I could just imagine what the neighbors were thinking when we did get home. Your a little late pal, I'm calling the police! The only one that wasn't cross with me was Kaity. So, her and I paled off and I let her sit on my shoulders to watch the spectacular firework display.

So that is how I began my New Year. I should make a quiz to see if anyone paid attention. On that note it would be fun if I made a quiz about me and see how much you really know about me. As for a New Year's resolution, mine is to participate more on my blog. I have been slacking on my writing last year. I hope this year to blog more and have some more surveys, and maybe some other creative things I am pondering in my narrow minded brain. I also am trying to eat healthier, work out routinely and hoping to lose some more weight.

The next Chemo appointment, I will see the Doctor and should have a scheduled CT Scan.Now I am at the point whenever I some a test like this I get very nervous.I still think positive.I still have lots to talk about.Thank you all for visiting and thanks for all the prayers.


  1. i wanna take a quiz! ;)

  2. i am soooooooooooo happy to see posts again! :) i luv them! blessings to all of you in the year ahead...healthy blessings! :)