Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Two Special Request

Surprise! Two blogs in one week. Shocking isn't it? For once this post is not about me. Well it mostly isn't about me. The purpose of tonight's writing is to pay tribute to two special people.

The first person is Daria. She was a blogger like me. I met her when she became a follower of my blog. She was first diagnosed with stage II breast cancer in 2000. Last week she rapidly started to deteriorate and went home to be with her maker on Saturday. I am asking for you to keep her family in your prayers.

The second person is Maxine. She was the aunt to our friend Ron. Three years ago she was murdered while working at KFC. Her children started a blog to help keep her memory alive. Actually, it's an incredible tribute they have done in their mother's honor which has benefited many people. I have recently learned about her blog. I have not yet participated in SMILE-In memory of Maxine but I am looking forward to doing so. Hopefully, I can think of same way that will involve including my kids. I have attached the link to Maxine's blog(actually Sally has, since I am still not computer savvy). I encourage you to read her blog and hopefully you will join SMILE-In Memory of Maxine. It would be awesome if we can get a big following for her cause.

Well that's it for tonight. I went to Omni after work so it's been a long day. Going to spend sometime with my wife.
Good night & God Bless, Bill

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