Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wax anyone?

I need to get back into the habit writing my blog at least weekly now that we have a computer running thanks to Mr. Kern. So the last of couple weeks not much out of the ordinary has been going on. I have been feeling good. Tired but good. Sally read an article that said the tiredness from chemo can last years after the treatments. Goody, that was a breath of fresh air to hear. There has been a little friction in the Cummins/Ceiga house hold. My dear wife reminds me on how much work there is to do in the house. However, every time I decide to take on a task she sabotages it. For examples, I planned on mowing the lawn before work the other day, and she suggested I go with her to the mall instead, or last Sunday, when I was getting ready to put together the armour for Zach's room and she decided it would be a good day to take the kids to Fuddruckers, or the couple days later when I told her I was going to try in the evening to assemble it and she gathered the neighbor's and had a bon fire. Yet, I know it's going to be a matter of time she is going to start complaining about the things I still haven't done around the house. I can never win with her but what is a guy suppose to do?

As I am typing, I am thinking about all the the things I could be writing about. I decided on the most recent and will shortly write about the others. A couple of days before chemo I woke to a spinning room (reminds me of my younger days). I was dizzy and felt nauseated. As long as I remained still I was OK. I couldn't remain still thought because I had to leave for work in less then an hour. I managed to get to a point where I was able to get myself out the door and into the car. As the evening went on I felt better. Not sure what caused it. Sally thought maybe it was my ears since my ears have been bothering me sometimes. At my chemo appointment Sally mentioned about dizzy me and my ears as well. The doctor said he would check out my ears. I was waiting for him to say "Your ears are fine" or " You need to see an ENT specialist". I never expected the response I got though. As soon as the doctor looked in my ear he jumped back and almost fell out of his chair in shock. Which shocked me. He said I have so much wax build up he couldn't see into the canal. Both ears are like that. I turned to Sally and said "See, I really can't hear you", so I wasn't kidding. Which the doctor said that not hearing your wife is a married thing and not a wax thing. I said I know that but, she isn't suppose to. I was a little embarrassed by the reaction of the doctor and all the wax that are in my ears (I wonder if I have enough to make a candle or two). Sally was trying to comfort me by saying "At least it's wax and not a ear full of hair". That is one of my biggest fears is getting hair in my ears. I replied to her "There is to much wax for the hair to grow". I wasn't trying to be humorous but Sally and the doctor got a good laugh out of it.

Talk about laughing. Sally has asthma and sometimes when she laughs she sounds like smidley, that cartoon dog from my youth.The other night at the bon fire, for some reason Sally decided it was pick on Bill night. She shared some personal information about me which everyone thought was funny except for me. What was funny was the way she laughed. She has to catch her breath and has a delayed laugh in between her laughter. I couldn't help myself but to copy her. She didn't think it was funny but the neighbor next door, Laura did. I didn't think it was to funny of her story telling about me either. The other night after chemo, I was hungry and Sally and I went to Purple Steer at 1 in the morning. Her laugh came up again but this time she video recorded me with her cell phone and told me I had to watch myself make fun of her laugh. Well,,, while watching it I realized I am a very ugly man when I am trying to mimic her and I bet Laura is actually laughing at me, not because I am making fun of Sally but how I look doing so.

That is all for now. I have a lot going on in the next few days and a lot of stories to share. Hopefully, my next blog will be sooner.

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  1. geeeeezzzzz i was starting to think i'd never hear from you again!
    welcome back! i use to check for new material everyday, then it was every other day...lately i check in like every three or four days..naturally you start writing during this past week when i have been so busy and haven't had a chance to check in..glad you're back and always have a story to tell=)
    keep 'em coming..please! missed ya! hope all is well....know that i keep you, all of you in that crazy house, in my thoughts and prayers! ALWAYS!
    blessings, deb=)