Monday, July 12, 2010

Turtles, turtles, turtles

One must take time out for the little things in life like writing in my blog. I am doing well. I feel about the same as I normally do which is tired all the time. I started to get cramping in my hands again for a couple of days as well. I am sure if you are checking my blog, it's to hear about me complain how I feel. Even though the blog started off to keep an updated on how I was doing. Has now evolved into embarrassing ramblings about my family, myself, and others who I have encountered along the way.

I spent the last two weeks working midnights. Friday morning was my last midnight for two weeks. I went to bed Friday morning thinking about having almost a 4 day weekend. Looking forward to a few hours of sleep first before the fun began. Sally was fighting another headache and laying in bed with me. The kids were up destroying the house. I heard Katy go in the room and get Sally. A little bit later Sally was back in the room waking me up. When I finally woke up enough to realize what was going on, I heard Zach crying and moaning. He was fine when I went to lay down but he said all of a sudden he got a sharp pain in his ear. He wanted to go to the doctor and didn't want to wait for Sally to get ready. My little boy was hurting and all I could think about was making him feel better. Less then 2 hours of sleep was enough for this super hero dad to the rescue. Sally went on line to check where I can take him since our family doctor wasn't able to see him. She told me to take him to an express care that was located in a small hospital. On the way there Zachary was groaning. I get there and drive around the hospital. I saw signs about express care but didn't see an entrance. We get out of the car and I walked inside to ask. I was told there was no longer an express care there. I told the nurse that she has to be kidding and that there were signs stating otherwise. I said its not like I was looking for the bread aisle at my local Stracks store(the official grocery store of Bill's life with cancer), but that I was looking for medical care for my son, that your hospital states outside that it could provide, "Sorry sir" seemed insignificant. I was frustrated and decided to take him to the Hammond Clinic. Not sure if the insurance will cover but at this point I didn't care. It seemed like forever just to have him registered. We sat there and waited for another 2 hours. With me sleeping( I am certain my head was bobbing and I was drooling and snoring) and Zachary sitting there with sporadic out breaks of moaning( like the moaning you hear from the beginning Scooby-Doo cartoons ) we were sight to be seen and heard. At last we were given prescriptions for Zach's inner ear infection. Once again my only goal was to making him feel better. I jumped on the express way to get to Walgreens as fast as I could. I knew only meds would help me achieve my goal of making my son get back to his old self (not sure if that's a good thing or not). As soon as I get onto the express way I realized it was backed up. I couldn't catch a break at all. Since everything I was doing was being defeated, I left it up to Zach if we should stay on or get off the next exit. He made the bold choice of getting off, I stayed on. Eventually we made it to Walgreens, had the meds filled and he was back to his self.

The other day I was doing some lawn work. Once again, Sally forced me away from my husbandly duties and demanded me to go shopping with her. Actually, she asked if I wanted to go and I needed to take a break. The first scenario sounded better though, because it makes her sound like a Brut and me a hard working husband . While we were running around I realized I was hungry. Seeing lots of restaurants usually provokes me to have a hungry stomach. We went through the Taco Bell drive through . Zachary wanted cheesy potatoes. We forgot they put sour cream on it and Zach does not and will not eat anything with sour cream. Sally gave Zach money and told him to go inside and order them without sour cream. Us being the good parents we are, sat in the car to eat our nacho supremes. A couple seconds later Zach came back to the car asking for more money. We gave him more money not realizing that we already gave him a little over a dollar (they are only a dollar and nine cents). and shooed him away so we could eat. He comes back to the car with a burrito in his hand and tears streaming down his face as he is saying that he's going to die, and that he is so hungry. He said they gave him a burrito instead of potatoes. Hence the reason why he came back for more money. How they got a burrito for cheesy potatoes minus the sour cream still leaves me confused. Although the burrito was beefy with potatoes and cheese,but hey no sour cream. With Zach being my main concern, I grabbed Sally's nachos and sent her inside to get my kid his cheesy potatoes minus the sour cream, damn it. By the way we still have the burrito in the fridge if anyone wants it.

Zachary has been fascinated about turtles. Endless questions about turtles he has been asking. Just when I think he asked every question possible he comes up with a new one. Zach is like me. When I was younger I loved turtles, snakes, birds, etc.... In fact I have a collection of books about them somewhere in the garage. After the shopping trip I decided it was time for me to go into the garage and try to find the books. Not an easy task though. There is some force of nature that happens in my garage. Like a huge magnetic force. Every time I clean out the garage everything seems to migrate to the front of the garage. It's so bad, that I can't walk in there without tripping over something. As I am pulling everything out of the garage the neighbor kids run back there to play with everything. After everything calmed down and the dust settled, I was able to scare the kids away. I was finally able to get into the totes. I found the totes with all the turtle books. Zachary was very enthused about the books. I took them in the house for him and continues to sort though the totes. I found a tote that was marked "legos" on it. Opened it up and it was full of legos. Zach's snatched up the box and ran off. We haven't seen him since. My awesome books took second place and now it's all about the legos. At least I don't have any more questions to be answering at this time.

Talking about Zachary getting into turtles and all the questions he was asking me. It really makes me feel good to know that he has such an interest in what I love. It really brings back the great memories I had being in the Calumet river up to my waist in polluted water. Oh the memories.... So any way, I took him and Katy to a lake in Merriville .On the way he was asking me all sorts of questions about the different ones that I have caught. One of the questions was "Dad what do turtles do?" My reply "They swim, They swim a lot." I thought that was a good answer. Zachary replied "OOOOOOH Dad, what do turtles drink?" I paused for awhile and said with most certainty "Margaritas!" His reply "OOOOOH,Whats a Margarita?" I finally replied "Zack, I was kidding. Turtles swim in lakes, ponds and rivers,etc... They drink the water silly boy." We are planning another excursion to happen soon. More funny stories I am sure to follow.

Take care and God Bless you all.

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  1. LUV IT!!!!! yet again you have made me smile and i appreciate it more than you know!
    oh yeah, i AM also happy to hear that you too are feeling well considering all that you have been through and continue to deal truly are amazing and i believe your faith and sheer determination will continue to get you through this...not to mention support from family and friends!
    luv your attitude about everything!
    catch any turtles? :)
    blessings always bill and keep this blog going please=)